Pakistan Mulberry Cuttings... will pay!

Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9bMarch 1, 2013

Wondering if any of you have cuttings. I will happily pay. My best price is for a 6' tree on Craigs List for $35.00. He doesn't want to trade for anything.

I'm stuck to the Pakastan brand. It's a fast grower, great shade, and delicious in my zone which is zone 19 Sunset, or zone 9, however you wish to slice it.

Please let me know if you have cuttings of this variety for sale.


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ahajmano(sunset 23, Mission Viejo CA)

Bummer...i just pruned my tree last week and had some nice 18" cuttings...maybe next year

someone has them out there

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Is your intention to graft with these sticks? Or is it to try to root them, which very seldom will happen with this variety?

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Shoot me your email... I will be happy to mail you some cuttings...

It's about due for the annual spring pruning now...

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Thanks John for your kind offer! You have email! I'm happy to pay postage if you respond with your email address so I can pay through Pay Pal.

I will try to root them in my greenhouse along with the fig cuttings I root. I don't have a mulberry tree on which to graft them, and would hate to take a chance on grafting to a fig tree... Same family, but too different I think!

Wish me luck! Looking forward to receiving them!


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happyballz(9A/B Valrico,Florida)

I would be more than happy but I chopped mine awhile back.

I will say however, I tried rooting couple just for fun and did not get anything from Pakistai one. It probably is possible but might not be easy.

If you still need any later ask again around fall, I should have plenty by then.

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