Impatiens for poison ivy

cacye(Denver,CO)August 10, 2010

Has anyone tried the other types of impatiens for poison ivy? Do they work? Jewelweed is always listed, but here in the Rockies jewelweed is not as common as poison ivy is. I personally just watch out for it, but not everone is looking at plants when they hike. I would appreciate it if someone has tried any of the garden types and has something to say about them. Thanks!

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The old saying was that if you see poison ivy, jewelweed will be growing close by. Jewelweed likes rich, moist soil (whereas poison ivy is opportunistic and grows in lots of different places). So while you may well see poison ivy growing near jewelweed, the reverse is not all that commonly true.

Sad to say, some recent studies show jewelweed is not effective in preventing poison ivy rash on exposure. Other folk remedies have little if any evidence supporting them, aside from testimonials. Given that people's susceptibility to poison ivy varies so widely, the plant has such a variable appearance (meaning some exposures aren't really to poison ivy) and other factors like mechanical removal may be involved in stories about plants/herbs preventing P.I. attacks, these reports will be unreliable.

Prevention is probably best. At the least suspicion that I may have contacted poison ivy while gardening, I run into the house and wash thoroughly.

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I have to agree that prevention is the best medicine. Learn to identify and avoid, cover up if in poison ivy possible locations, and wash with copious amounts of hot, soapy water if contact is suspected. I use dish soap as opposed to hand soaps.

That said, I've heard plenty of "testimonials" as to the effectiveness of jewelweed in treating poison ivy. No personal experience since I spend effort on prevention.


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I agree that if you can wash really well right after direct contact, you will greatly reduce the chances of your skin being affected by poison ivy.

Also, plantain is fabulous as a treatment as well.

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lady_6(z6 KY)

Do you have any recipes for Plantain. If you do would you post them here.. My daughters and I use the Jewelweed in our soaps and also make some salves with it. I would love to do the same with some Plantain.


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