Varicose veins & witch hazel

zhizaraAugust 24, 2010

Just a note to let you know that the information I found on this site about the use of witch hazel for circulation problems involving varicose veins, was good.

Although I found sites that recommended soaking a cloth to put over the veins and letting sit for a half hour, I have only been using cotton balls soaked in witch hazel and just rubbing it over the sites of the veins around my ankles, behind my knees and the prominent veins on my hands and wrists.

After doing this nightly for only a few days, when I started to do the ritual tonight, I noticed that the varicose vein patches are getting noticably lighter and smaller. It really works! Thanks to you and the people who write their experiences here. I keep coming back to this site and have added the forum to my Favorites.

On another subject, I read so many messages here that said that apple cider vinegar worked for them for indigestion. That one I didn't get. I had starting taking vinegar for it's health benefits, but it GAVE me indigestion until I started using baking soda with it. One time, to kill the taste, I added a couple of ounces of regular apple juice, and it killed the taste very well. Then, I tried the concoction without the baking powder and no indigestion today. I really don't want to be taking in so much sodium as I have high blood pressure. Anyway, try the vinegar mixed with apple juice. It just tastes like apple juice with a pleasant tang.

Thanks for the forum and everyone who takes the time to tell how things work for you. Keep up the good work!


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Hi Zhizara,
Thanks for the idea for Witch Hazel. I use it for skin issues and couldn't be happier. Good to know it has another use.

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Glad to help, Silversword. As an additional update. It has been 5 days since my posting, and I have continued my nightly regimen using just witch hazel and cotton balls. I notice several days ago that I no longer had swelling in my ankles and as of tonight, the biggest patch of broken veins has diminished remarkably. There is just one vein showing there and it is looking pale. I feel like I've stumbled on a miracle! Keep it up, the results are fast.

I rub it all around the patches I can see and behind my knees where I know there are some veins, also around the outer edge of my feet where I can see lots of veins. I never expected such quick results, and I was astonished that my swollen ankles aren't swollen at all anymore. It never occurred that could happen.

Just because of some arthritis, I've also been using it on my hands and arms hoping better circulation will ease some of the pain in my fingers. Nothing noticeable on that yet, but it can't hurt to try.


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