Old bluberry patch

scraplink(7b)March 26, 2013

Last year we bought an abandoned house with ten acres. The previous owner's mother was a gardener but everything has been neglected for at least a decade. I have discovered a patch with dozens of blueberry bushes, some over my head! I have not figured out the variety, and am wondering how to try to handle them?

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In an attempt to turn these blueberry trees back into bushes, I would prune out at least a third of the top. Hopefully you will get some shoots coming from the ground or near the base. I would keep the lowest shoots and next year prune out another third of the top. I would keep doing this until it returned to a more normal shape. Canes older than 6-8 years tend to get very twiggy, producing small fruit.

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Is that lichen on the bark? If so, that's a sign its too shady. The more sun you can give the blueberries, the better.

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If there are deer in the area, the blueberry shrubs may have adapted by getting too tall to be easily browsed. Also, too tall to be easily picked, when the fruit ripens.

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Thanks. We have marked several trees for removal to open it up. Today upon further inspection I have found that the entire hill is covered with blueberry shrubs. More than I could even count. I have my work cut out for me!

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