Limequat that never blooms

littlegreenMarch 10, 2013

Our limequat is about 8 years old and has never bloomed or bore fruit. The small tree looks really healthy and gets new leaf growth every year. My suspicion is that the tree is growing from below the point from where the limequat was grafted on, but it is difficult to tell from looking at it. Any ideas? I am ready to dig up this tree in order to plant a tree that actually bears fruit, but my bff maintains that eventually this limequat will be productive.

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It's pretty important to keep all the growth beneath the graft cut down... If you don't - the Rootstock takes over and can even "Prune" the graft off... resulting in a dead graft...

Generally, cultivated citrus don't have TONS of gigantic spines all over them... Many rootstocks do (That can be 1 indicator)... but if you see really vigorous, spiny stuff sprouting from near the ground - chop it without fear... Especially if the tree in question has no spines...

Unfortunately, my previous luck with Citrus down in South Florida is that far too many take 8-10 years to bear... and that can be frustrating - especially when you wait SOOO long and then find out that it produces low quality fruit or it's not what you expected...

Anyway - you could check out the UC Extension Service to see if they have some info brochures... Make sure you also get a good soil test, as sometimes, soil mineral deficiencies can manifest as no blooms


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Thank you John_in_sc! That is good info. Thanks for taking the time to write.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

I have two limequats and they produce fruit at an early age. As John said some citrus take forever to produce. My grapefruit just this spring has bloomed for the first time and this is it's 8 th year in ground. Grapefruit are notorious for taking forever......the limequats bear young. Are you sure it is a limequat?

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