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ramulliaMarch 16, 2014

Hello All
I am brand new to this forum, this is my first post! I bought a house last fall that has 4-5 apple trees and 3 pear trees. I am located a bit southwest of Cleveland. I have absolutely no experience with either. I wasn't able to ask the elderly couple I bought the house from anything about the trees. When I was moving in the fruit was just past the point when you would want to pick it I believe. The trees appear to need some TLC they seem overgrow and not really cared for anymore. I've started doing some reading on pruning them. I am interested in any advise on how to care for them, how to figure out what type of apples and pears they are, and a non-toxic way to keep the bugs under control. Thanks in advance for any help!

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Hi, the best thing to do is post some pictures. Its a great place to start! Welcome. Mrs. G

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BackYardGardener26(7 VA)

Without seeing the trees I would suggest the basics and cut away all the dead and diseased wood, then try to clean out some branches to create better air circulation. You donâÂÂt need to go overboard in your first year, practice and patience is key in gardening of any kind. As far as identifying your apples or pears a great starting point would be to familiarize yourself with the common fruit trees available/suited for your area, however there are an unbelievable amount of varieties so it is likely some of you trees will remain anonymous. When it comes to spray, did you notice a specific problem in the fruit last year aside from being overripe, i.e. bugs, misshapen or diseased looking fruit? ItâÂÂs not hard to find organic sprays/solutions once you can identify what it is you need to correct.
Hope this helps

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Thanks for the responses! I will post some pictures as soon as the weather warms up a bit. Is it too soon to start trimming the trees back? It's still getting pretty cold at night around upper 20s, low 30s. The trees actually had a lot of fruit on them and the fruit was shaped nice and nicely sized especially for being neglected. They did have some bug holes or bites but the few I cut open didn't have bugs inside.

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