Flea Bites

ladybuggyz(z7)September 24, 2006

Our cat James (Indoor cat) has somehow gotten fleas and I've tried the powders, topical medications, and shampoos....but will try the Dawn tonight because the fleas are still present. However, the reason why I'm posting this is because I am bit ALL OVER my body. I probably have atleast FOURTY bites on my back alone. I have about 15 minutes on each arm (so bad that an co-worker joked that my arm looked like it had tract marks from far away), and about 7-8 on each leg. I'm vacuuming everyday and have used flea, larvae, and egg killing powders on the carpet and furniture but I really need to figure out how to prevent these bites on me. I'm itching insanely and my back looks terrible. Is there anything I can do to lessen the itch, prevent the bites, anything??? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm reaching at loose strings right now.

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First of all, wash your sheets.... that's where the fleas are probably living. Vacuum the rug or floor. Flea eggs can live in wooden floors for 7 years, so I've read. So either a previous person who lived there brought in the fleas or a visitor brought them and now, you are stuck. Too bad you don't live here in California, I'd say go and harvest some eucalyptus leaves and strew them everywhere.... fleas don't like eucalyptus at all. You could wash your sheets in Eucalyptus eo... a LITTLE bit... very strong.
Neem oil works, but it smells like gasoline, so I don't think you'd want your house to smell like that.
Unless you want to use the toxic flea bombs, you are kind of stuck....they will come back forever, but frequent sheet washing and vacuuming can keep the fleas in check.

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Hi Heathen,
I think I might be able to get some dried eucalyptus leaves.....is that okay? I have carpet....so basically scatter leaves all over the house? How long would you reccomend I do that? I'm just wondering because it would look rather silly to have people come over and have leaves all over the carpet as if Autumn was in the house. Thanks!

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WEll, I can tell your cats are indoors! One of mine brings home so many leaves as presents the bedroom looks like fall every morning. :D
Dried will have to do. I'd strew them every time there's an outbreak. Around here, heat brings them out. I don't know about how long... they are a repellant I think, not a killer, specially if they're dried. If you're having an outbreak, I'd say as long as you possibly can.
vacuuming frequently really helps too.

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I got the eucalpytus leaves! :) Will start scattering now....does anyone know of anything that will KILL these monsters? Thanks!

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