Anyone want to swap? Here's my list:

lawanddisorder(6)March 9, 2014

This is my full list. Not everything is ready for swap right now. I can get scion wood/cuttings from whatever you want for immediate swap (blueberries, trees, etc), and have some rooted cuttings from fall. So take a look and if anything interests you, let me know and we can work out a trade now, or plan for one in the fall.

I'm interested in all edibles. especially peaches, plums, pluots, strawberries, sweet cherries, stevia, grapes, yellow raspberries, herbs/bushes that can be used in teas, lemon grass, catnip, other plants cats love, hardy bamboo. I'm in zone 6 and grow most of my stuff in pots, so compact and hardy is ideal. please keep that in mind when making offers.

Here's my full list:

Apple , 4-in-1 - Big Red Delicious, Yellowgold Delicious, Mcintosh, Northern Red Spy
Apple , Pixie Crunch
Apricot, Harlayne
Apricot, Sugar Pearls
Blackberry, Apache
Blackberry, Black Satin
Blackberry, Chester Thornless
Blackberry, Hull
Blackberry, Prime-Jan
Blackberry, Prime-Jim
Blackberry, Triple Crown
Blackberry, Unknown Varietal
Blueberry, Bluecrop
Blueberry, Bluegold
Blueberry, Blueray
Blueberry, Chandler
Blueberry, Earliblue
Blueberry, Elliot
Blueberry, Patriot
Blueberry, Pink Lemonade
Boysenberry, Thornless
Cherry, Carmine Jewel
Currant, Black, Unknown Varietal
Currant, Red, Unknown Varietal
Currant, White Imperial
Fig, Brown Turkey
Fig, Chicago Hardy
Fig, Hardy Everbearing
Goji, Sweet Lifeberry
Gooseberry, Unknown Varietal
Grape, Concord
Grape, Concord
Grape, Glenora Seedles - Blue
Grape, Lakemont Seedless - Green
Grape, Reliance Seedless - Purple
Honeyberry, Borealis
Honeyberry, Cinderella
Kiwi, Ananasnaya (Anna) Femal
Kiwi, Arctic Beauty - Female
Kiwi, Arctic Beauty - Male
Kiwi, Chang Bai Female
Kiwi, Issai Hardy
Kiwi, Ken's Red Female
Kiwi, Meader Male
Mulberry, Illinois Everbearing
Nectarine, Mericrest
Nectarine, Yumm Yumm
Pawpaw, Pennsylvania Golden Graft
Pawpaw, Unnamed cultivar
Peach, Flamin' Fury Jumbo
Peach, Flavorcrest
Peach, Redhaven
Pear, 2-in-1 - Bartlett and Red Sensation
Plum, Stanley
Raspberry, Munger's Black
Raspberry, Red Willamette
Raspberry, Royalty Purple
Strawberry, Allstar
Strawberry, Homer's Field
Strawberry, Quinalt
Strawberry, Seqioua
Strawberry, Tribute Everbearer

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I have some one year old Valiant grapes if you want some. I could dig them and bareroot them. if you wanted some Frontenac or Catawba, I could graft them over for you, as these will make a fine rootstock.
I could use some strawberry's, but do not know much about them. I think my email is in my profile if you are interested?

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