wart removal

thancoxSeptember 2, 2004

For those of you who actually tried the remedies suggested on this forum and have had success... you failed to mention how long it takes for them to actually disappear.


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I rubbed raw garlic, everyday, on my wart next to my eye and it disappeared within a week.

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fatboyparking(Ohio, USA)

Apply vitamin E oil to the surrounding skin, then crush a clove of raw garlic, place it on the wart, and cover it with an adhesive bandage. The raw garlic causes a blister to form, and the wart generally falls off within a week. Apply vitamin E oil to the area to help it heal.

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I've used the compound w warts removal treatment.. Been removing the skin on top of the warts, but now I can see a lots of blood vessels. Am I suppose to keep digging in the blood vessels? Trying to remove the skin again? And does it mean that im still far from the end or the wart is almost dead?
Thank you for your answers.

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If you have to ask that question, it really sounds like you'd be over your head in this matter. Anyone on this forum would be a fool to answer your question. "Digging in the blood vessels?" Get professional help.

Or is this a set-up?


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