Amateur Herbalism Curriculum Suggestions

bardo888September 22, 2009

Hello, everyone - this is my first post, and am looking forward to meeting some awesome people.

Although I've a strong interest in herbalism, the wide variety of books and resources have left me somewhat unsure as to how to go about making a disciplined self-directed study.

To that end, I'd really appreciate any input you kind people might have.

What are some of the "classic" or "standard" texts re: western/asian/ayurvedic herbalism?

Any input on other texts suggestions included in herbalism courses (i.e., physiology, botany, pharmacology, etc.)?

I'm something of an "autodidact" and am looking to get a strong amateur-level grounding in the art.

Much thanks in advance for any help and/or suggestions :o)

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I'm new too, but I have seen some schools on the Internet. Even if you don't want to go that route, some sites should have suggested reading and curriculum of classes, etc.

You might want to post this on the herb forum as well. I got a lot of responses just asking what herbs to grow for teas. Good luck with your studies!

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An excellent herbal book is David Hoffman's "Medical Herbalism". It is a text book used at Tai Sophia and Bastyr University. Anything by David Hoffman is excellent, but this is his opus. You can go to both web sites and find the texts recommended for their various degree programs. These schools offer bachelor and master degrees in herbalism.

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