Lemon Balm and thyroid

John89September 21, 2007

Hello, I read that lwemon Balm (Melissa) lowers thyroid hormone.

Anyone know if this sffect is strong?. I liked Lemon Balm´s calming effect but I have low thyroid.

Alternatives?. Maybe chamomile?.


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Not chamomile. And chrysanthemum flower has some of the same things as chamomile that lower thyroid.

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My wife gets cold and her thyroid swells from chamomile. She takes skullcap (scutellaria) for a relaxing tea and that doesn't seem to bother her. Passionflower contains the same type of relaxants as skullcap, but her skin gets sensitive when she drinks passiflora - not a thyroid thing as far as she can tell, just an individual reaction.

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