cmarlow41(z7 MD USA)September 23, 2006

I have a beautiful, very large boneset that I am harvesting. Does anyone who has used the tea or tincuture have an opinion on whether I should tincture the entire plant or dry some of it for tea? Also, I've researched the ratios for the tincture, but am unsure whether I should use the stem as well as the leaves and flowering tops. Does the stem have any beneficial constituents? Thanks...I'm new to this forum but it sure is informative.

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When I harvest boneset, I snip the plant about 10-12 inches from the ground. If I am going to tincture it fresh, I strip off the leaves and use the flowering tops as well. If I am going to dry it, I hang it upside down and when it is dried, strip the leaves and flowering tops. You can tincture fresh or dried (making adjustments in the alcohol/water ratio) or use it for tea. Be aware that boneset contains PAs and should only be used for short-term and not by those with liver damage.

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cmarlow41(z7 MD USA)

Thanks so much for the info. Do you have a a preference to the tea or the tincture?

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I have made a boneset tincture with vodka using a glass jar. Someone asked me if I should leave the lid on tightly or loosely (any concern with fermentation?). Does it matter? Thanks for the information.

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Alcohol evaporates readily - tightly closed.


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depends on how you're using it. boneset is traditionally used to induce sweating, lower fever and ease body aches that occur at the first onset of a cold or flu....tincture won't do that but a couple cups of the hot tea will. its very bitter so understand why a tincture is preferred, but traditionally it is consumed as an infusion.

if using it as a digestive bitter a tincture would work fine.

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