Nectarine Trees

mikecowley(7 Texas)March 18, 2012

My 5 year old nectarine tree has finally set blossoms to fruit! I have noticed several double-fruits on some branches. Should they be removed for best crop? Also, this was supposed to be a Georgia Peach, its not, how to tell what type nectarine?

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

Doubles should be removed. Following is a comment of mine from an old post:

"The "Siamese twin" peaches you describe are called "doubles". They are caused by stress during bud formation (the previous summer). You can identify these doubles in the flowering stage. They will have two separate pistils inside one flower. The ovaries in both pistils are fertilized and grow together. Because of the way peaches develop, one fertilized ovary will not grow much (or in some cases die) while the other develops normally, giving the double fruit a sort of Siamese lopsided look.

Double peaches are fine to eat, if you can get them to harvest. The problem is as they get bigger, they tend to split at the connection and allow bugs and fungus to enter the fruit and rot it. Generally it's recommended you remove doubles at thinning time to avoid this problem.

Early in the season I have broken off the smaller side of double peaches (very carefully so as not to pull the peach off the tree) and the peach will generally heal up just fine at the break, leaving a small scar and a slightly uneven peach at harvest."

There are relatively few nectarine varieties sold, so if you give a description along with ripening time, someone may be able to identify your nect.

BTW, what do you mean by "Georgia peach"?

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mikecowley(7 Texas)

Yes, the tree was stressed last summer in north Texas. The tree label when bought was Belle of Georgia Peach. There were 4 little balls on the tree that ripened into - nectarines - nectarines because they have no fuzz. Great tasting fruit, but definitely not fuzzy.

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