Eye ailment, hoping someone here knows?

esoterica(7)September 1, 2005

last night while watching a movie, my eye became uncomfortable, felt as if something may have gotton into my eye. I checked with the mirror and couldn't see anything. My husband checked under the upper lid and couldn't see anything either.

I put in some commercial eye drops and after much uncomfort I was able to go to sleep.

This morning the eye was sealed shut with the white matter.

The outer lid is swollen and warm. The eye is red, of course. I'm tearing but they're not tears. The seeping is this clear matter that is sticky. There's no pain persay at rest.

I bathed the eye twice today with a wash of boric and goldenseal. I've taken two goldenseal capsules and will repeat again this evening. I'm drinking herbal teas and using soaked herbal tea bags to absorb the drainage. And prevent spread of whatever this is.

I've been treating myself for excess mucous about my nose, sinuses and throat the past several days using herbals with my flu tinture. No complaints of headaches, or chest cold. Just a few sneezes. The mucous from the congestion is obviously a bacteria. Three days ago I added a couple of mullien oil drops to my ears attempting to cure this bacteria early on.

I've never experienced an eye acting like this before. Am I treating this right? Is there anything else I can take or do?

I'm also sniffing lavender essential oil hoping to attack the problem up the sinus canals...

Should I be overly concerned? Ever heard of this?

Thank you in advance....

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Have your eye evaluated immediately by an emergency department physician or an opthalmologist. Based on the history and symptoms you're describing, this is nothing to mess with on a home remedy basis.

Eyesight is precious.

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Eric, I don't have insurance or the funds to see a doctor.

Thank you for your advice however.

I hope some one will be familar with this and can offer their experience.


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You have only two eyes and they have to last you a life-time. They are worth the cost of a visit to a doctor, and I suggest you don't delay. Blindness can last forever and isn't fun. Don't muck around with these precious two orbs. Get medical attention immediately, as a matter of urgency.

While you wait for your appointment, you can bathe your eyes with a very weak saline solution. But don't regard this as an alternative to that doctor's visit.

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Thank you Daisy....

I've since learned that I have conjuctivitis. I've been able to find relief by making my homemade eye drops with a stronger solution of boric and goldenseal. I like to be conservative on my treatments but I was too conservative and it would have taken longer to get relief.

I made my drops with sterile water, using a TBLS of boric and a Tsp of goldenseal... and started putting in a drop or two every hour... and using the solution for swabbing etc.

I have 100 percent relief today and definately on the mend.

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