loveterrariums(4-5)September 1, 2004

When you make tea with fresh herbs you should always clean the herbs very well

Then I tend to cut up all the herbs i am putting in my tea to get more flavor and then i load my tea ball a brew the tea

you should dump the first as it will not have very much flavor gbut the 2nd 3rd cup will have the most

favorites **

peppermint nettle(seeds of nettle not actual plant)

blackberry sage

orange cinnimon

vanilla honey safron$$$$$ expensive to make yourself

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I make a blend of dandelion leaf, queen anne's lace, and plantain from my yard. It tastes like regular tea, only better, and it's a great kidney tonic.

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If you want really good herb tea, do not use anything made of metal, not even stainless steel. The best herb tea is brewed in glass, preferably glass which is not transparent, because light destroys the elusive vitamin B6. I use Corningware tea or coffee pots to make my herbteas. I place the herbs in the pot fresh when available and dried in the winter. Then I add cold filtered water and place the pot on the star separater and set the element as low as possible. I turn the lid backwards to act as a sieve. When I pour out some of the tea, I add more water. I have that pot on my stove 24/7 and drink herb tea all day long.

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