rollie pollies on strawberries

hope4serenityMarch 27, 2012

so we have strawberry plants that are in their second season, with a TON of blossoms and berries. at least 200 hundred. but we have been over run by rolie pollies (little beetles) they have consumes over 150 strawberries and we have only gotten 6 that we could eat. we are going organic, but at this point I'm so devastated were looking for any way to save our strawberries. please help!!! here are some pictures:ät=P3200587.jpgät=P3200586.jpgät=P3200585.jpgät=P3200584.jpg

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The first relief we've gotten is planting them in 5 gal. nursery pots so that the berries hang over the edge of the pot instead of sitting on the ground. You can put tanglefoot around the bottom rim of the pot to keep the bugs from crawling up it.

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Ive tried the organtic approach to strawberries for 3 seasons now. I also have a huge problem with pill bugs in my patch. I tried to fruit about 60 strawberry plants this year and got maybe 1/2 gallon of berries. Ive had with pill bugs and strawberries! Ive taken up way to much room in the garden with very little return in 3 seasons. The only way around the problem that I can see is a green house or may hanging baskets for strawberries. I also had problems with fungus on the berries if they touch the soil. On a positive note my 3 boys enjoyed the heck out of the strawberries so not all is lost! I think its worth the effort though because commercial grown strawberries are like sponges full of pesticides. Ive read that store bought strawberries are one of the worst for pesticides because the soak it up through there skin and it cant just be washed off. Good luck.

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they are already in raised planter beds. I'm going to try soapy water tomorrow. they are on the edge of our lettuce planter so i really don't want to spray anything cause the lettuce will just soak it up. sigh.... i had such high hopes when i saw all the blossoms.

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shazaam(NC 7B)

You might consider Sluggo Plus, which includes both Iron Phosphate and Spinosad. It's allowed under OMRI guidelines (with restrictions). I would prefer not to use it, but I haven't found an effective alternative for dealing with the plague of snails, slugs, earwigs, pillbugs, and sowbugs who call my quarter-acre home. By using it in moderation, I've had very minimal losses in my strawberry patch.

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shazaam(NC 7B)

I'll add that, if like blueboy you have trouble with fungus, a light mulch layer has largely solved that problem for me (otherwise, it's bye-bye berries). Of course, mulch also provides great habitat for all of the insects that are likely to eat your berries. I try to strike a balance and keep a light mulch of shredded leaves on the soil when the plants are fruiting, and mulching more deeply once fruiting is complete and the heat of summer arrives.

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thank you all very much, ill try the Sluggo Plus, were just about desperate!

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