Seeking quillaja bark (soapbark)

willowdemayoSeptember 12, 2013

All, I am looking for a source for soapbark for a beauty formula. I am shocked by how difficult it has been to find. Any info is appreciated.

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what is the latin name of plant you are seeking?

if its Q. saponaria....its a south american plant which could be your problem locating a source of the bark. there are other herbs with soapy properties but i think this one is used for its scent. perhaps substitute another scent you like?

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Yes. Quillaja Saponaria and yes, Mexican native. I'm looking for this in particular, not for scent, but for it's cleansing properties, soapiness, but also deep cleansing.

Oddly, It's available in the UK on Amazon, but costs a small fortune to ship here.

Can you recommend another, similar option for cleansing?


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yucca root (Yucca spp) and bouncing betty (Saponaria ocymoides) are both soap producing plants used for external cleansing but aren't really known for internal cleansing.

by deep cleansing am guessing you are referring to deeper liver clearing properties inferred by those tannins?

i've seen plants, seeds, homeopathics and extracts of it but not the dried herb. south american sourced herbs are usually harder to procure than from other parts of the world for some reason.

you might try calling "the herb room' in santa cruz, ca to inquire. if anyone carries it, they might. also herbalists, herb schools and apothecary shops in the desert sw might be a place to look.

also consider asking on the Herbalismo fb page...someone there might know of a source.

sorry i am not more help, hope you find it!

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Thanks for the ideas. I know the herb room from years ago in SC and will call.

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