decreased sexdrive/Origanum majorana

anneke_2006September 10, 2006

Hello ,

I'm a woman 33 year's old.

Earlier this year I started taking a herbal treatment for eliminating intestinal parasites , as a supporting treatment.

This product contained also " Origanum majorana ".

I have been taking this maybe for about 6 months on a regular basis.

I've been reading however that Origanum majorana is a natural AN-aphrodisiac, that it decreases the sexdrive.

I was wondering now if this effect could be permanent with long term usage of this herb , is it possible that it causes permanent damage in this way ??

Or should this effect disappear when it's no longer taken?

I have stopped taking the herb for about a month or a little longer now , but it seems that my sexdrive isn't as it used to be .

Does anyone know this could have to do with the regular intake of Origanum majorana over a longer period of time, of is permanent decreased libido impossible in this way ?

I have started to panick a little over this.

Thanks !

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O. majorana (sweet marjoram) has been used as an herb in cooking for a long time, and I've never seen any convincing evidence that it does much as an aphrodisiac or antiaphrodisiac. I'm also unaware that it has any significant toxicity when used in relatively small amounts.

As to "eliminating internal parasites" - were you treating yourself based on a medical diagnosis of parasitism? I ask because there is a lot of bad information out there with people falsely claiming that many symptoms and diseases are due to parasites.

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Thanks for your comment!

No the parasite was medically diagnosed and I had taken real medication for it , but this herbal treatment was suggested to me by my osteopath as a kind of "protection" against parasites for the future.

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While there are some herbs that show antimicrobial or antiparasitic activity (at least in the test tube), it's not a good idea to take any antibiotic (herbal or otherwise) as a "preventative" long-term. Aside from the potential for toxic effects with some drugs, this kind of use encourages the development of resistant organisms.

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Well, I am thinking this... the BEST way to prevent internal parasites is to eat properly cooked meat, wash your hands and your vegetables... if you don't get them internally, you won't have to worry about a preventative. I am wondering how you got them in the first place, not to be nosey, but I don't see Europe as a place where people get internal parasites often.

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People often mistake the meaning of 'aphrodisiac' and 'anophrodisiac'. An aphropdisiac doesn't necessary boost your sex drive, help to get you turned on, or make you sexually insatiable! It merely means, when attributed to herbs (and that includes all foods from a plant source), that it acts on the reproductive system as a tonic ie to get them to optimal working order). That's putting it simply. Of course, if your reproductive system including your hormones etc) are in good working order, you are more likely to behave and react sexually as you would wish. It's not usually an 'instant fix' - it's a bit like exercise to tone up your muscles. One-10 minute bout of exercise isn't going to turn you into a muscular he-man (or woman), is it? Time is needed. With sex-drive, many other things play a role - your partner, your general health, the surroundings, your mood........

It's never a good idea to take ANY herb in medicinal amounts for an extended period, unless advised to do so by a person properly qualified in the proper use of herbs. It's also a good idea (thoroughly recommended!) NOT to embark on any herbal medicine regime for any purpose without the advice of an expert in herbs, and also to discuss it with your doctor.

Self-diagnosis and treatment is a recipe for a tragedy. Don't do it.

If, indeed, you did have intestinal worms, you could easily have got them from your own pet, or someone else's pet. It's useless to treat only yourself, but the animal must be treated as well. Do not assume that treatments which are suitable for humans are also suitable for animals (or vice versa). Don't forget to treat your immediate environment as well (carpets, bedding etc where eggs can lie hidden). Get advice from a vet on how to go about this.

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