Herbal diuretic???????

Gandy75041(z8TX)September 1, 2001

Does anyone have a good suggestion for an herbal diuretic for fluid retention (edema) of the lower extremities????? Am opposed to prescription drugs. Many thanks in advance.

Gandy 75041

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The following are just a few herbs which have a diuretic effect (there are many more). Some of them have other medicinal virtues as well, so you need to know the cause of your fluid retention before deiciding which to use. I suggest Dandelion, Cornsilk and Burdock might be called 'general purpose'. You should also eat lots of fruit and vegetables, especially those which have a very high water content - celery, cucumber, citrus, watermelon etc all of which act as diuretics. And drink lots of water to flush out system. Also reduce sodium in your diet, and/or cut out salt altogether. It would be a good idea to check the cause of your problem with a doctor, it could be something very simple, like PMS, or it could be a symptom of something more serious. Remember, herbs are medicines too, and most conventional medicines are either extracts from herbs, or copies of the active components of herbs. Check with your doctor about this and take his/her advice. One cup or herbal tea per day is regarded as a medicinal dosage.

Agrimony, Barberry, Blackberry, Black Cohosh, Black Currant, Blue Cohosh, Buchu, Burdock root, Calamus, Celery, Chaparral, Cleavers, Cornsilk, Cucumber, Damiana, Dandelion, Elecampane, False Unicorn, Fennel, Gotu Kola, Gravel root, Golden Rod, Hawthorn berries, Horseradish, Horsetail, Hydrangea, Juniper berries, Kava Kava, Lady's Bedstraw, Liquorice, Lovage, Marshmallow, Mistletoe, Mullein, Parsley, Pennywort, Plantain, Pleurisy root, Rosemary, Salad Burnet, Salad Rocket, Sassafras, Saw palmetto, Senna, Sesame, Shepherd's purse, Squaw vine, St. Johns Wort, Sweet Woodruff, Sugar Palm, Uva ursi, Watercress, White willow, Yarrow.

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Many thanks for your replies - much appreciated. All sound beneficial. Unfortunately, the exercise is not an option since I am disabled with bilateral hip osteoarthritis and do well to even get around in my home. My foot, ankle, and lower leg swelling has been a life-long problem and, of course, is worse now in my golden years. I gave up doctors years ago - all had the same answer - "poor return of the saphenous veins". I don't take prescription drugs as I don't want uninvited side-effect problems. Many thanks. Gandy75041

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Dandelion is supposed to be the best diuretic because it
doesn't deplete your potassium. I haven't tried any diuretics
as I have never needed any, so the doses for
your problem will have to be gotten elsewhere. On the
subject of your foot, though, have you thought of hawthorn?
It is supposed to be helpful with problems of the veins,
as well as a powerful antibiotic. I have advanced osteo-
arthritis and I am trying to find a good herbal painkiller
for it. If you want to get ahold of me later for doses
of hawthorn, as well as what I have and have not tried
for pain, e-mail me at Pastine29@hotmail.com and I will
bore you silly with it. Currently I am looking at Chinese
herbs. Give me at least a week to reply, as I don't get
on the net much.

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Hi Gandy,
I have somewhat the same problem as a diabetic.
I use Asparagus and cranberry juice as diuretics and it helps alot to cut down on salt and drink water.
As you,re not taking manufactored medicine. Could i
suggest you get at least two good Herbal books that can tell when and how to take what you need, compare
the two books or more to double check what you should
take.:) come back and let us know how you're doing.

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Hi Cayce and Vickie - many thanks for your time and effort replies. Asparagus is one of my very favorites and I can tolerate cranberry juice very well. I'll try anything short of drugs and poison. Again, my appreciation. Gandy

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Try a search on Turmeric, diuretic is listed among its medicinal uses, as are anti-inflamatory (arthritis), anti-oxidant, antibiotic, anti-cancer, etc...
I know what that sounds like, I've read all the info available on it and can honestly say Turmeric is worth looking into.

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Hello....Just thought I would share my remedy.....Caffeine is (to me) the most effective remedy for fluid retention. You do not need much of it either. It works quickly and easily, and you will not lose potassium while ridding the excess fluid from your body...I drink a cup of coffee every am anyway, but do not drink cokes UNLESS, I am retaining fluid around my feet ( I stand all day at work)...you know, the days when you take your socks off, and they "appear" to still be "on"....It really works....Good luck

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Mzny thanks to all who have offered their tips. I am most appreciative to each and every one.


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Cutting down or cutting out most of the grain-based and 'cured' foods from your diet will help in fluid retention and diabetes (type 1 and 2). As long as your liver and kindey functions are normal, do a web search for 'Paleolithic Diet'. I've been on it for 2 years, lost 55lbs and dropped my serum cholesterol and triglycerides. This doesn't work for everyone, but there are no drugs, supplements, poisons, etc. The only cost is no more cookies or candy and most of us shouldn't be eating them anyway ;) Just my thought, hope it helps.

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I totally suggest using dandilion. It is the best herb for getting rid of swelling and high blood presure.

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Dandilion root is the best diuretic in the plant kingdom. According to the principals of Chinese medicine, edema is a deficiency of the spleen's qi. There is a point on the ankle about 3 inches above the medial epicondile of the tibia (Sp6). Try accupuncture, it works wonders for your condition. But as for herbs, nothing beats dandilion, nothing.

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Many thanks to lindaleb and all others for your input. I do so appreciate your tips. My daughter has found a marvelous Certified Herbalist and is doing so well that I am planning on visiting him after the Holidays.

Merry Christmas.

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Mugwort(artemisia vulgaris) and dandelion are effective diuretics. I use them when I'm bloated. Make them into a tea. Don't plant it (Mugwort), it's a noxious weed, but if you have it growing and can't get rid of it, this is a good use.

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good morning. i am sorry about having to send you another email. i received your response yesterday on diuretic exercise. i am 77 and not very good on the computer. try as i may, i could not find your story on the powerful easy diuretic exercise. if you would give me a hint on where to find the story,i will be forever greatful to you. thanks very much. kark.

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Dandilion root helps keeping liver healthy along with all good things reported by fellow participants of the Forum.


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flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)

I think dandelion is one of the most common/effective and easy to come by. Get some from the backyard. :) I always drink dandelion tea in "pmsing" to get rid of extra fluids and it works.! :)

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try making/buying dandilion and burdock drink warning:do nto drink just before bed, they don't call danidlion pissabed for nothing.

maybe putting a pillow under you feet in bet at night might be an dea, that will help with the return from the vein., arteries have the srength to push the blood up to the foot but the veins preasure s so much lower. therefore if you can, keeping it higher than ur hip, if only slightly wiil be of much use, i think.

i sugest in bed as that means you spend a long time liek that and it also means ur lying down so you CAN rais ur feet above your hips regardless of ur physical condition (well more or less).

worth a try anyway.

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With all the Okra plants coming to their end of season, collect their roots to dry for use as a diuretic. Among other medicinal uses....

From my research, okra root does not tincture in alcohol. The properties are released by soaking in cold water and boiled.

I store my roots whole and cut up or powder just prior to it's use.

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I used cranberry juice during my pregnancies to effectively combat water retention. Although it is more well known as a weed than for its medicinal properties, I've also found a tincture of lambsquarter (or lambsquarters) to be an effective diuretic. It is high in magnesium and other nutrients so it's good as a tonic too. It is more palatable flavored with mint and sweetened. Here is a website which might be helpful:http://www.cloudnet.com/~djeans/FlwPlant/lambsQuarters.htm

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Many thanks, Jade. That sounds like a winner to me.


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I don't know about the exercise that people are referring to, but I do know that some massage therapists specialize in treating edema. Not sure what special techniques they use, I'm guessing they would give a few tips and tricks if you went in for a massage.

Flavonoids seem to be pretty prominently associated with preventing or reducing edema in the literature, although there are many types of edema. Onions, apples, beans, and a wide host of other fruits and veggies are rich sources, there are also supplements of individual flavonoids like rutin, quercetin, etc.

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Health: Internal: Used as a diuretic. Stimulates circulation and clears uric acid, relieving arthritis and gout. (Tea: 2 tsp to one cup boiling water, steep for 10 min. Drink 3-4 cups a day for 3-5 weeks.) External: A poultice treats eczema.

As well as Dandelion, this works rather well also.

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GOLDENROD. Goldenrod is a yellow flowered herb that grows by the 1000s all over the place. Along roads, along side fields, in ditches.

From what I have learned it is a good diuretic. I read in several places how one needs to keep drinking plenty of water if they are going to be using goldenrod because of how it works as a diuretic.

I gathered and dried some to use in teas for the winter. Right now I just go outside to the fence row along the field and pick some to make tea. It is also said to help one not get bladder and kidney infections. I do notice that I have to pee more after I drink goldenrod tea.

Insects like goldenrod. I have saw tons of butterflies on goldenrod and the not so well known goldenrod spider that turns from yellow to white and hides on the flower looking all yellow and pretty just like the flowers.

If you do a google image search you will find pics of it and most likely reconize it.

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gee, eric - am I not the only one who gets why Jack LaLane looks better at what, 90? than 'the governator' looks at 50?


I agree with Dandelion (all parts of the plant are diuretic) as a 'safe' method of water release, Cranberry, celery, and tea (loose, but black or green doesn't matter so much) are also beneficial without being, well, scary.

Especially if you also have ANY form or arthritis, I highly recommend that you look in to Tumeric, which is also an anti-inflammatory, and one of the oldest herbs in the herbal pharmacy, period.

there are massage techniques specifically for treating edema and lymphatic buildup, that use elevation and rythmic compression to help drain the fluid...

but the 'exercise' that our missing Traut is, I suspect, keeping from y'all really is simple - bucket of hot water, bucket of cold water. plunge limb into hot water, count to 20, plunge limb into cold water, count to 20, repeat until you run out of 'hot' and 'cold'. then rest with limb higher than heart for 10 minutes. gentle massage/stroking towards body core, or 'brushing' is allowed during the resting time.

the problem with edema is that if you rely solely on diuretics, it is entirely possible to leave yourself severly dehydrated, with fluid still stagnating in a pool around your ankles.

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Before recommending any treatment for leg edema (herbs, supplements, exercise, dietary restriction, "spa treatment" etc.) it's important to get a reliable diagnosis of what's causing the problem.

There's a host of potential causes for leg edema, including heart failure, liver and kidney problems, venous thrombosis, venous insufficiency, malignancy, obesity, side effects of certain drugs and so on. In addition to some causes being readily treatable, others will lead to serious problems if people go without proper diagnosis and try to paper over the problem with agents not shown to provide symptomatic relief.

One herbal remedy for venous insufficiency that may provide modest relief of leg edema is horse chestnut extract. But again this isn't something you'd want to start taking without knowing the reason for your leg edema.

As to downton's herbal shopper site - it's not completely without useful information, but I'd do without pricey unproven supplements like "Aquadrene" and "Watershed" (some of this stuff sounds like it's being promoted for bodybuilders, who are notorious for abusing their bodies for short-term appearance benefits). And as for advice like this:

"...drink plenty of water(the more water you drink the less water your body retains)."


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"For instance, the extent of your problem tells me that you have much congestion throughout the hepatic/venous/lymphatic systems."

How would you know this, and what would cause such a condition in your view?

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dandelion LEAF is a reliable diuretic, the root not so much, its action is more on the liver and bowels.

a diuretic is a temporary fix for chronic edema and agree that the root cause must be addressed simultaneously with the edema. suggest booking a consultation with a medical herbalist near you...if none are around an acupuncturist is also trained in medical herbalism and could most likely be of enormous help to you. good luck!

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my bad, did not read the whole thread when i first reponsed.

'poor return from saphenous veins' refers to blood pooling in the lower body, a type of stagnancy....and does not refer to water. a diuretic removes water from the body via the urine and will not help poor blood flow much at all.

vitamin c and rutin are supplements that so enhance vascular integrity.

butcher's broom and horse chestnut are two herbs that support the veinous system and help circulate blood especially in the lower body.

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