new herb garden any suggestions????

myohhmy(z5 MICH)September 26, 2004

Looking for advise on what to include in my new expanded herb garden for next spring. I already have mint, basil (both lemon and purple), chives and parsley. I have been experimenting with cooking with them and had so much fun that I want to try more. Those are the only herbs I have ever grown! I told you I needed help here... I have read some books on the subject but would love to hear what herbs others enjoy the most from their gardens.

I really enjoy the lemon sents and taste of some herbs! I also enjoy the purple color of some herbs like the sage and basil types that I found this year.

What else would you suggest including? Both Easy to grow and your favorite types with specific names of herbs would be appreicated!

Thanks for your time...

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herbman(norflk england)

Borage to cheer you up if your feeling down,clary sage for a wonderful scent when in flower, also southenwood (artimesia aborasum) for scent.

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Rosemary (easy to grow, good in food and medicinals) and lemon balm are my favorites. Lemon balm smells so good when you crush a few leaves!

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oakleif(z6 AR)

Lavender,smells heavenly and keeps sheets,blankets smelling good and keeps bugs away. Costmary another smell good herb. It was once called "Bible leaf" as people used the dried leaves as bookmarks
for their Bibles. I like all of the sages and useing your own for dressings is special. Dill a common herb, but is a pretty plant with a nice smell and make your own dill pickles with the seeds.
Good luck with your new herbs.

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