favorite tea to back ache

weedpullerSeptember 9, 2003

do you have a favorite tea or herb for when you get a back ache?

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The best way to avoid back aches is to strengthen the abdominal muscles with exercise.

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lazygardens is correct...I thought this was macho bodybuilder talk till I actually tried it-I got tired of my back hurting every single day!

For now, soaking in a warm bath with epsom salts might help, it helps me when I have sore muscles.



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Also stretching can help....there are lots of stretches for the back. Also, it might be good to wonder why you are suffering the backache...and try to counteract it.

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bushpoet(z6 Bronx NY)

Can't recommend a tea, but for relief of sore muscles I get homeopathic: arnica montana pellets 30X strength (either hold them under the tongue until they dissolve or put them on the tongue, close the mouth and roll them all around 'til they dissolve). They are very safe & last time I moved, my moving day helper & I took some as preventive. The next day neither of us were sore (she's out-of-shape in her mid-50's & I have 3-1/2 ruptured discs...).

Topically, the arnica montana gel or ointment lovingly massaged onto the sore parts also helps. And rubbing on st. john's wort infused oil mixed with wintergreen essential oil will also bring some relief.

HTH if you don't already have strong muscles.

Green blessings!

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mariquana or piper methystycum tea

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I have serious injuries from a car accident and in spite of good chiropractic care, I suffer from back pain. Many a morning, I would be unable to get out of bed if I did not know how to relieve back pain and spams fast. The easiest way is to use reflexology which is also called shiatsu or acupressure. It uses the same points on your body as acupuncture, but you only apply pressure rather than using needles. Look in the library for a book on hand reflexology which is easier to administer than foot reflexology. Find the chart which shows where the spine runs along your thumb. Press on the sore points on that line on both hands, and you will be rid of your back pain in a few minutes.

Sorry, I really should draw a picture and scan it and also write out the directions. Until I get around to it, you will have to find the directions in a book.

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