Horseradish leaves, Good for anything?

justameSeptember 16, 2007

Hi all, We were out cleaning up the herb garden area today and cut back the leaves on the Horseradish(things were getting abit overgrown). So now I have about 20-30 lbs of horseradish leaves about 2-3' long.

Are they good for anything?

Would they be bad for a person if you tried to eat one? Some of the young inner leaves and shoots look kind of tender.

I wonder if they could be steamed like greens or mixed in with a salad?

Any thoughts??


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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

I've never tried it but there are others who have. A google search of "horseradish leaves edible" turned up a number of folks who added the leaves to salads and sandwiches.


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I once knew an elderly Polish lady who always put a horseradish leaf into her bread-and-butter cucumber pickles.

You can add the leaves to a green salad.

I've heard that if you add a little of the chopped leaves to your dog's food, it will help him to dispel worms.

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Thanks, I was just worried that they might be bad for you, like the leaves on Rhubarb.

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I tried some. The outer leaves are kind of bitter, but aren't too tough. The small inner leaves aren't too bad. they are kind of hot, but it goes away fairly quick.

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Horseradish lead is the key ingredient in making real (fermented) pickles. It is what keeps them crunchy rather than mushy.

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