oakleif(z6 AR)October 28, 2008

Plantains considered a weed by many is a useful remedy for cough irratation and hoarseness. Also for gastritis. Decoction of dried leaves promotes blood clots for wounds.

Fresh leaves can be crushed and applied to wounds,cuts,scratches and insect bites.

Plantain is used widely in the world. Is a proven antibiotic and stimulates healing process.

Eastern-Central Medicinal Plants - Peterson Field Guide

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

More importantly it is delicious.

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Also called "whiteman's foot" and "nature's band-aid."

I can't comment on the other applications but I can say that the crushed (or chewed!) fresh leaves do make a nice and effective poultice on insect bites.


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Plantain (Plantago species) has demonstrated some wound healing/anti-inflammatory activity in studies, at least in the test tube or rodents.
As an antibiotic though, its effects seem weak at best (I wouldn't depend on Peterson field guides for up-to-date herbal therapy advice).

Incidentally, I think brendan may be thinking of plantain fruits (from Musa hybrids) with the comment about plantain being "delicious" (I can't imagine Plantago leaves being considered a gourmet delight). :)

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Plantain is one of the 1st herbs I learned before officially beginning studies in herbalism. I can definitely vouch for its efficacy in bee stings! When our kids were little we vacationed at Mammoth Cave KY and it seems bugs grow bigger down there. My son was stung by a bee and since we were traveling the only recourse I had was to look for plantain which grows nearly everywhere except chemically treated lawns. At least 2 other times on our trip we encountered children screaming coz they'd been stung by a bee and in each case I showed the mother plantain which was gratefully applied to the sting whereupon the children immediately quieted. I don't think you can get any better proof than that!
So that has been my main application but I recently tinctured some to have during winter because I've also learned it is good for other things as well, like blood poisoning so always good to have on hand.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

?I'm talking about use in salad, I make a salad out of the brodleafed wees I pull from the lawn and garden.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

MEDICAL SPAMMERS can always come up with something to raise their trade and make fools of themselves.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Because I like salad? Or because Eric said that it works in test tubes and in rodents (not commenting on use in people at all)?

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oakleif(z6 AR)

Exactly what did you contribute to the thread as an herb eric? Actually bren you did good for once and i am proud of you. Keep up the good work!! Tho i don't think i'll put it in a salad.
eric you said exactly what Petersons field guide said tho i'd depend on the guide rather than you. It is a good starting place for herb infomation. Much better info than from a coroner who hates everything herbal and is only here to cause strife. Like me except i'm pro herbs most of the time.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Eric contributed knowledge about its efficacy in an animal model. From a biological and physiological standpoint that information is vital for making an informed decision about whether this intervention should be studied in humans.

Who is this coroner who hates everything herbal?

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ohhhh Plantains or "white man's foot".

Pretty cool plant. I just learned that the seed spikes are relished by cage birds.

I think it's a pretty plant, and don't mind it in the lawn at all. When I was a kid we used it for a poultice for burns, cuts, etc but I haven't used it as an adult. This is inspiring me to use some that I have growing around the yard!

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I wonder if cultivated Hostas culd be used the same way. I think I recall reading somewhere that they are related to plantains--maybe just in the same family.

I remember reading they can also be of assistance with poison ivy--I suppose because of their anti-inflammatory qualities.

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Here's a link to eating hostas. I've never tried it.

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