Tinctures in Lotions/Salves

db0421October 1, 2006

I have been reading that you can use tintures to make salves and lotions; but the directions never tell you how much tincture to use in place of infused oil.

Could someone give me an idea of how to do this and perhaps post a general recipe. Thanks a million!!

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I wouldn't use it IN PLACE of infused oil... I'd use it as a 'water' replacement.
Here's MY personal recipe.... you can change and adapt it to your personal preference. It's for a rather thick lotion.
E-wax is emulsifying wax... keeps the lotion from separating.
Lotion recipe

1.25 Ewax and Bees wax (at least half Ewax).
3/4 oz Steric or Cocoa Butter
16 oz water
3-4 oz oils and soft butters (soft butters are like shea butter)

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Thank you so much. In this recipe, how much tincture would you use in place of some of the water?

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What are you using? I was thinking... I'd just make a tea out of the tincture and water... I have a head code and wasn't thinking properly... you don't need to replace anything.

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