Need advice on Mullein

rick_in_va(7 VA)October 11, 2011


I need some info on common mullein (Verbascum thapsus). I have been taking a medicinal herbs class this fall, and I had an opportunity to try some mullein leaves for a cold and chest congestion. Discovered what a grand and effective remedy it is.

I went out looking to gather some but I discovered that presently around here it has all dried up and turned brown. So I decided to collect some seeds and grow some in my back yard next spring.

I broke open some of the dried flower pods on the long spike at the top, but I didn't find any seeds, just some grainy dust about the size of table salt. Where are the seeds and what do they look like?

Any info would be appreciated.


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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Seeds are tiny, not much bigger than grainy dust. Oops! Maybe those were seeds! :) If you can find another dry flower spike tip it upside down into a brown paper bag and shake it/beat it around a bit. You will surely get at least a few seeds out it.

Tip - look for new mullein plants around the base of this year's flowering plants. There will certainly be some babies around within 10-20'. While they do transplant, in my experience they resent it and refuse to grow to full height/size after transplanting. They will still flower and produce copious amounts of seeds - and mullein plants will be yours for ever more!

Seed can also be had from the online vendors like Richters and Horizon Herbs.


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I have been suffering asthma during the winter months here in south Florida for years. I use Advair, Singular, Albuuterol in a nebulizer, and a rescue inhaler and hate the way it makes me feel. I recently bought a blend of herbs that is smoked , and the results are nothing less that amazing . Coltsfoot and mullein with some skullcap valerian and damiana. It is wonderful to be able to breath without the horrible side effects. So far so good !

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My experience is similar to fatamorgana's. Mullein is best direct sown! Also, watch the water...too much will make it quite unhappy. Horizon is a good seed source. All Good Things has a few different varieties as well

And fatamorgana is right...let it go to seed once, and it will be with you for life!


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