Reports of Serious Drug Reactions in US Set a Record

oakleif(z6 AR)October 25, 2008

Research every medical drug you are prescribed before you take it. Know what you are taking and the side effects, as well as herbal remedies.You cannot depend on anyone in the health care system.

Here is a link that might be useful: Serious drug reactions set a record

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

In truth you cannot depend on anyone including your self. Americans are probably over medicated, and that can lead to too many side effects and too many drug drug interactions. This sad fact does not support your case however.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

Research in the US is gettig more lax all the time. Have you ever wondered what the medical people on this forum do for a living as they spend so much time denigrating herbalism. And not much time for anything else.LOL

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

I'm pretty sure Lucy is retired, or partially retired, I'm a biology student, and Eric just gets on a little bit. Oh and none of us are doing medical research. Medical research is anything but Lax, oh unless you are talking about herbal and suppliment research, there is virtually no oversight of that. There is no rigor imposed in the methods, there is no requirement to find any validity before selling the product, nothing has to be proven to anyone. The more you harp on the medical industry for being underregulated the worse a case can be made for the Herbal and CAM industries, which are less regulated than gasoline.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

My My Is little bren upset? Highschool biology is so simple. Collage biology is much different. Anatomy and Physiology and microbiology was so so. Even i had to study a bit. So when do you find time to study?
Does these bozos give anyone an idea how caring they are to the victems of medical mistakes. Are they good reps of the American Health care System?

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

I wrote out a nice long response detailing how I'm not having any troubles and thanking you for your concern, then I realized that you are really just groping for a lever to exert some power. I'm not looking to give you enough words to twist, this is a minor time commitment, a few hours before bed or during a break, sometimes while I eat dinner, tonight I had a meatloaf sandwich on honey wheat bread with some spicy brown mustard and Belgian endive. I followed that with some corn fritters (hush puppies, kind of a savory dough nut) with some honey butter that I made with local lemon flavored honey and some pasture butter from the local natural foods coop.

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