Sinuses just will not drain

greerzOctober 28, 2008

I am at my wits end..I have one sinus infection after another and no matter what I take my nasal mucous is so thick it can NOT drain. I am on Flonase, Allegra_D (which I just stopped taking 3 days ago because it is driving my blood pressure up) Singular and Mucinex to help thin mucous but even this has not been helping. It is 3 AM I can not breathe so I am up on the computer. I do not drink or smoke but have had alleries since my first pregnancy 33 yrs ago. My parents did smoke so I was around 2nd hand for 22 yrs. I am afraid of what all this medication is doing to my body. My sinuses are ruined and I do not know If I will ever sleep through a full night again..Any suggestions. I can not do surgery as I have a severe adhesion problem everytime I have surgery. I have severe abdominal adhesions from c sections and hystorectomy. I just want to breathe and not be so tired for once.

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Seeing a doctor is the first thing you should do. Find one that can help you get some relief.

While I don't know your medical history or problems, I can tell you what helped my severe nasal allergy issues. The thing that has helped the most wasn't herbs and wasn't prescriptions. It was using a neti-pot once a day, every day. Twice a day when I'm having issues. Do some reading on them and their usage. Google can help you with that. As long as you use it correctly, I can't see it causing any harm so it might be worth you trying. At the very least it will be soothing and cooling to your sinuses.

Also try to address what is causing you the most discomfort - carpeting, bedding, indoor air quality......when do you have the most problems? When do you breathe the best? Try to address environmental factors making you irritated. Keep a journal to figure it out if you see no patterns readily.

Finally I drink nettle tea when I'm having a lot of allergy issues. It's not as effective as over-the-counter or prescriptive medications but it gently helps with no side-effects. Nettle has nutritive benefits and can generally be drank every day although I drink it only when I'm allergy having issues. If you are taking medications or have health issues, speak with a health care professional before taking any herbs.

I hope you find some comfort!


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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

I've herd mixed reviews of nettie pots, from studies. A doctor is a good idea, so are hot peppers, nothing clears the sinuses faster.

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Sounds like the allergy issues need to be addressed to lessen your need for any drugs or treatments, as in eliminating potential sources for allergic reactions.

Does humidifying the air provide any relief?

Whether or not surgery could help is something to be resolved in consultation with your physician - have you talked to them about adhesion concerns (there are techniques that can be used to lower the risk of this happening following endoscopic sinus surgery)?

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Try starting with about 1/4 tsp of horseradish. Let it sit in your mouth until the fumes are gone and it is like sawdust. The fumes will go up the nose and start helping the sinuses drain down the back of your throat. Work up to a teaspoonful at a time as you can handle it. You may want to do this up to 3x per day.
Just sticking your nose in a jar of horseradish and inhaling [aromatherapy] sometimes helps too but in a case as severe as yours I would definitely try sucking on it.

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I know that any kind of dairy can cause inflammation of the sinuses! One night of icecream and I am finished!! Why don't you try a nutritious you may find you have food allergies!! I have suffered with inner ear, sinuses, throat problems all my life and for the last 4 yrs I have been dealing with vertigo and balance problems due to my inner ear I haven't found a Dr that could help me so I have turned to alternative treatments along with a. Extremely healthy diet and exercise and I am finding relief !! You've is excellent for sinuses as well!! Good luck!

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