help for my bun

kritter1(Z8 WA)October 22, 2003

i ordered some stickers and plaster from chinese herbal for my terrible hematoma. plus some herbs and need help ingesting them. this is what is ordered:

(WARMPATCH) Medicated warm patches

(GR-OIL) Eagle Brand Green Oil 0.4 fl.oz.

12 ml(MAGIC-1) Magnetic Plaster for Ache

VS-2007 Vitamin Shoppe Cayenne

NW-2249 Nature's Way, Inc. Comfrey Ointment

GH-7152 Gaia Herbs Comfrey Root (N)

NW-2249 Nature's Way, Inc. Comfrey Ointment

my real question is with the comfrey root (was just out of my mind) but what to do with that and the cayenne which is supposed to be anti-inflamitory. what to do with comfrey root and how to eat all that cayenne?

advise greatly appreciated,


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kritter1(Z8 WA)

ok everyone, i give. will go to the doctor. it is just slightly, very slightly less purple. still very dark and still has me in great pain. i can't sleep at night. Might have cracked or broke something. what they can do, i don't know. no operations or pins please. i really screwed up.

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kritter1(Z8 WA)

i have been taking trumeel and arnica montana vitamins. the trumeel cream/ointment was back ordered but came today. how just have my pants down with the cream on on buttocks. happys days are here again!!!!

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arttulip(New Zealand)

I found this and suppose it will be useful for everybody

As SOON AS POSSIBLE, beat an egg white with a fork until there are some bubbles (to keep it from sliding off) and apply liberally to damaged area. Let it dry, then repeat twice more. It will prevent swelling and discoloration. People laugh about this, but call me later to tell me it really worked!
Even on an old injury it begins to improve but, in this case, repeat daily for a while.

This may sound strange, but is extremely effective. Every time I see the resultant injuries from contact sports I wish I could share this with coaches and players. It would save a lot of pain and return them to action!

Here is a link that might be useful: Old Fashioned Remedies

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Yeah, I'd go to the doctor. If you just cracked a bone, they will X-ray and see what needs to be done. I doubt that you thouroughly broke something in your pelvic region...I've heard you can't walk then. I don't know what they do for a crack there...bedrest and wear a restrictive garment, I'd guess. I'm betting the pain so far has been worse, so don't worry.

It may still just be a horrible bruise like I described I had once...that hurt for 3 weeks, just the bruise part (the cut's scar hurt for a year, at least). But with no real sign of improvement, you need it checked out :) Have you ever heard of people having to have things rebroken at the Drs? Less fun, for sure;) Take care!

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kritter1(Z8 WA)


yes i had heard of things being re-broken at doctors to fix. if i cracked my butt a bit it surely does not need recracking!!!!

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bushpoet(z6 Bronx NY)

Just found this second thread. Any update on the condition, kritter?

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kritter1(Z8 WA)

condition update. we did not go to er yesterday as promised. pain is less and big huge thing is doing down. little less purple. will go to regular doctor on 10/29 and let you know the result. been having 2 vodkas to get to sleep at night. not so great but better than nothing. dh wants me in hospital but i am not going. i can wait til wednesday for regular doctor. cats still love me even though i'm not scooping thier litter boxes very well. i can only stay up about 10 minutes before i have to run to couch or bed.

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kritter1(Z8 WA)

got the backordered comfrey oinment which i am applying. also, though noboday likes it, the comfrey root. just a tiny bottle with eye dropper. i'm putting that on my bum as well. just a little squirt rubbed in. yes, also got the cayenne 450mg capsules. the cayenne i thought i ordered powder and wondered how to ingest. thank god i got the pills. i don't remember much from time of injury.

some of stuff arriving in mail are a surprise. used our debit card and overdrew us. bank charged $22 and i will be on their ass tomorrow to get credited back. i used all our grocery money on this stupid hematoma. we can't afford another $22.

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bushpoet(z6 Bronx NY)

Vodka will do the trick - but keep it short term. You don't want to end up having to go to AA meetings as a result of this!

Hang in there!

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kritter1(Z8 WA)

got the $22 credited back. will keep the vodka short term. tastes so nasty. hopefully doctor on wednesday will give me some kind of pain pills. so here has been what i'm doing trumeel and arnica montana pills, trumeel gel, cayenne capsules 450mg, comfrey ointment and just a little squirt of comfrey root rubbed to the bum. taking acetominifin. laying down all day and night. you should see my god awful kitchen from two weeks of neglect. not to mention house at large.

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kritter1(Z8 WA)

i managed to clean the kitchen yesterday. took several trips - had to lay on couch a bit in between. 10 minutes cleaning, 30 minutes laying down. but at least it is not nasty like it was and makes me feel better. going to doctor today at 3:30 and will let everyone know the result. i pray they give me some kind of pain pill. also, been very difficult sleeping, especially if i have to go to the bathroom at 3:00 then can't seem to get back to sleep because of butt ache.
sleep is one thing i value greatly, plus helps with healing. and to be awake from 3:00 in morning and have to make it all day sucks. i need to get to my corn out back. have not managed this of course. we had some heavy rain and dh says all corn plants (about 24) are flat on their backs

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kritter1(Z8 WA)

yes i did make my appt with doctor. he gave me an anti-inflammatory called nabumetone 500mg and generic for percocet 325mg and ordered me to hospital for xray. didn't make it to hospital, to faint and dizzy. will go today (thursday). believe it or not, but the two rx's don't seem to be doing a thing for me. still flat on my butt in bed with a heating pad. the actual hematoma is still very big (doctor couldn't believe) though he should have seen it two weeks ago. still sticking out and very purple.

i don't know if i wrote this to you or not. but the other day, i finally managed to clean up the kitchen. work 5 or 10 minutes, lay down for 30. took all afternoon, but finally got rid of all the dishes and got countertops and stovetop clean.

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kritter1(Z8 WA)

this medicine has me throwing up all night. don't know which one it is, but now i am not taking any of it. i would rather spend the night trying to sleep with heating pad rather than hunched over the toilet. i just started taking it tonight (went to doctor 10/29 and got the rx filled that evening) and imagine i will have the same results during the day as well.
i have taken the percocet before and am guessing it is this anti-inflamatory . new drug for me. maybe it is what is causing all the vomiting.


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The effective part of comfrey is the goo in it. It is most easily obtained from the stems of the plant. If you don't have the plant available to you fresh, you need to simmer the root till the goo comes out. It would actually be best if you would grind it in a seed grinder, mix it with hot water and apply the paste.

Cayenne is best bought fresh off the plant or when it is out of season, buy it in bulk from a large grocery story which sells lots. It should be as fresh as possible. Stop using red pepper and start adding cayenne to all your food, gradually increasing the amount as you get used to it.

I would not waste my time with any compound containing comfrey. There just isn't enough of it in the cream to make it worth buying.

It sounds like you spent a lot of money for items which you could have obtained for pennies.

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