Burying dog poop near fruiting trees/bushes?

KrakenQueen(8b, Savannah GA)March 15, 2012

After digging through many, many pages of information regarding the composting of dog poop, I have decided against such a thing for vegetable gardening. The question I do have however is whether it is okay to bury it near fruiting plants, trees or bushes like papayas, apples, citrus and blueberries for fertilizer?

My geriatric dog-child is on a mixed diet of home made food and Blue Buffalo Wilderness, so her diet is very high quality. We know what goes in and what comes out. She is also always UTD on hearworm and flea medications, and as of right now on antibiotics for a sinus infection due to a nasal adenocarcinoma.

Could I just dump it in and cover, mix it with the soil and cover, or forget it entirely and trash it like I always have? Should there be concern for leaching of antibiotics from her poop?

I understand the concerns for pathogens if used for vegetables, which is why I dutifully refrain from doing so, but I would like to put the poop to some use.

I suppose this would be a good question for Kelly to answer? Though I noticed a lot of you had some practical and very good information / experience as well. I just hadn't come across any answers that I felt could directly relate to my question above, so I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere and I overlooked it.

Thank you!


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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

I would have no qualms about putting the manure near trees just don't go overboard. Do NOT use it on the blueberries as manure is alkaline and the blueberries won't like that one bit. I use to give the dog manure to the bamboos and they enjoyed it but now I set up a black soldier fly recycling system and they reduce the dog crap by 90% or so.

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I totally agree with bamboo rabbit. Burying it will eliminate any problems with smell and contact. As for the medications, I can't imagine that your putting it to good use would be any worse than leaving out on the lawn or sending it to the landfill, right?

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KrakenQueen(8b, Savannah GA)

Good deal!

I will refrain from burying it near the blueberries then, and continue to do so under my apple and citrus plants.

Any ideas about burying it near papayas?


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You have papayas in ground in 8b? Do tell....

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I would plop it in flower beds or bushes rather than around veggie gardens or fruit trees... That's what I do when the Neighbor dogs leave some free Nitrogen in my yard....

Even though theoretically it shouldn't be a problem... I still err on the safe side...

Never had any trouble with smell if I didn't step in it...


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KrakenQueen(8b, Savannah GA)


I blame it on this "winter's" unseasonably warm weather. I had one in ground all winter, it lost about a foot off the top but shoots are popping off the sides now, it is about 2' tall. Another which I have had for 2 winters was brought indoors during the cold months and put back outside during the hotter months, this plant is about 6' tall. I decided this year I would plant them in the sunniest part of the yard and leave them be and so far they seem to be doing okay. Otherwise, I didn't do much of anything.

The one note I can make about the smaller papaya is that it had grown right up against the south side of our home, so it was sheltered from wind by our large azalea, and as our home is brick, I suppose it leached some heat off of it as well. I honestly was stumped it made it through the winter at all as we did have some pretty cold nights below freezing in a row. That plant took it like a champ!

In case either die, I still have about 6 more to replace them. ;)

I don't have any flower beds aside from these monster azalea bushes surrounding our home. I should have also noted it's not just my dog, but the neighbor's dog who I let share my yard too. And being that his dog is a rather large intact lab, he puts off a very unpleasant smell. So I prefer to get rid of the poop in some way (bury it) than leave it to ferment in the hot sun and waft into our house. I tend to think of my dog only, but his dog too leaves his mess which I agreed to clean up (at the time I didn't think the difference would be so..extreme. This dog drops mountains!). I don't allow any dog poop near my vegetables, the bushes and trees are far enough from the garden that it isn't a worry for me.


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