grafted plum

northcountry47March 17, 2012

About 6 years ago I planted two dwarf plums out in the orchard. After the second year in the spring, they both appeared to be dead, but then one put out shoots from the base. I assume that they originated from the root stock that the dwarf plum was grafted to. It is now about 6 feet tall, but I'm not sure it is a plum! The bark looks right but it is covered in long thorns.

Could the original plum have been grafted onto something other than another plum?

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I do know they can be grafted onto any prunus tree, like peach, cherry, nectarine, etc.. Peach is common. But I don't know of any thornes on any of these. Look carefully. Maybe somethng else sprouted at the dead tree's base.

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kayak_boy(z6 MI)

American (native) plums have thorns from my experience. I'm not telling you what you have is an American plum, but just that wild plums have thorns.

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Will grafting a plum onto peach tree stock make a semi-dwarf plum tree? How tall?

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Prunus americana and prunus spinosa have thorns, probably some other plums as well. Americana is used as a rootstock for some northern plums so it is probably americana.

Grafting plum onto peach will not dwarf it; peach is vigorous as a rootstock.


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Thanks for the help everyone.
I think I will plant a companion plum for pollination and see what develops

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