Biggest strawberry variety... that still tastes good?

backyardener(z6 Idaho)March 4, 2009

My wife has Crohn's disease and therefore cannot eat seeds. If she wants to eat strawberries she takes a knife and cuts a thin layer off the outside (where all the seeds are). I know, it seems like a lot of work, but what else can you do if you want strawberries? Anyway, she saw an ad in the mail from Gurney's for GIANT strawberries and suggested I grow some - since it would make her required method of eating them easier. I don't care for Gurney's or their ads too much. Do any of you grow any "giant" strawberries that still taste good? If so, what are they called and where did you get them? I was thinking about adding some more strawberries and was going to go with "Benton", but I'll grow something else if it makes it easier for my wife. Thanks.

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We grow cabot and they are very good. The first berries are sometimes funny looking but they have good flavor. There are supposed to be bigger berries out there but I have not tried them.

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backyardener(z6 Idaho)

Are cabot significantly larger than other June bearing varieties? I usually select for quality, but in this case, large berries are more important. I am actually considering the Gurney's giant to create a small bed for my wife. I did search and found a thread suggesting that they were not very flavorful, but for my unique situation, they might be worthwhile anyway. I am just hoping somebody will come in and say "X variety is almost as big as Gurney's and still tastes great!"

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macheske(6/7 NorthernVA)

According to Norse Farms Cabot sounds pretty good.

Here is a link that might be useful: Strawberry Comparison

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Backyard gardener: I don't have Crohn's but still can't deal with seeds. My solution has been to make juice with them by freezing them in pint baggies then thawing the bag out. When it is thawed, poke a series of small holes in the bottom of the bag for the juice to drain out of and suspend the bag in a bowl with the bag off the bottom of the bowl in the fridge. Another option I'd like to try is one of those stainless steel steam extractors. What would ideal for me is a centrifuge with a screen small enough to catch the seeds. Let me know if you find one via my e-mail address, please.

Oh, BTW, my rasprerries get frozen and then thawed. Then I smash them through a small collander, in a mortar and pestle like fashion, whose seive size is smaller than the seeds, that came from Wally-world.

I feel for your wife,


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