herbal remedy for kitten with ringworn or allergic reaction

catslovemeOctober 31, 2009

Three weeks ago I acquired a 4 wk old stray/feral kitten. His eyes were gooed shut, he was covered in fleas to the point his bedding was stained with blood, and earmites galore.

I took him to the vet who put drops in his ears and gave him a flea dip. I have never heard of this before, I thought all flea treatments were harmful to kittens this young.

About a week later, the kitten started getting crusty spots and hair loss. I assumed at the time it was due to the flea treatment since the kittens skin and coat were ok prior to the dip(minus the fleas and flea dirt).

Now hes covered with it, UGH!! So I took him back to the vet, thinking it was a reaction to the flea dip, but was told it was ringworm...NICE!! =( They were unsure of what would be the safest effective treatment for him. They kept switching back and forth between tresaderm and the sulfur dip and finally decided the tresaderm which was $23 for .4 fl oz!!!

Needless to say, I have an adult male longhaired cat. The kitten ran around the house for a week with ringworm, Ive handled both animals. I havent got any spots yet but I'm worried I may have transferred to my adult cat. Is this likely even tho I havent found any spots on me?

I'm also still worried that its not ringworm (the only test was a black light) and its a reaction to the dip beings how explosive it was on the kitten. Me and my son dont have a single spot. And the kitten follows me from room to room climbs me and sits on my shoulder all day long and sleeps with me at night. (I think he knows I saved his life) Went from one spot on the back of his neck where he couldnt even reach to his face, head, ears, neck, under his chin, his butt, tail, belly and all 4 legs in a week!!!

Anyone have any input on this since Ive already taken him to the vet twice?

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It sounds normal to me. Ringworm can "explode" like that in a kitten. The dip is preferred for kittens, because it's a 1-time external treatment.

Adult cats are less susceptible than kittens, for some reason. And humans aren't the preferred host for that fungus, so it's possible you and your son may escape infection. Vacuum thoroughly, toss the bag, run your bedding through the dryer on HOT and hang any area rugs out in the sun. A temp of 125 for 10 minutes kills the spores.

I went through the same thing last month,

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