No news from my weeping Santa Rosa Plum?

ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)March 27, 2010

I was a little late in getting this tree - maybe mid - january '10 (for my area, it was the end of bareroot season). This was a DWN dormant bare root tree. When I decided to get it, the only tree left in the nursery was puny, but I decided to buy it anyway because I wanted it. Now, it is end of march and it has been planted in a sunny spot and its weeping branches pruned back by 1/3rd and there is no sign of anything from this tree. All my other bareroot plantings are flowering and leafing out. This tree has green branches, though and a few tiny buds that are swelling, but has been that way for a month already. How long should I wait before taking this tree back to the nursery (they have a 1 year warranty)? Or is there hope for this tree yet?

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If the branches are still supple there is still hope. However as late as it is it may not make it and only time will tell. Old school is to prune a bareroot tree while its still dormant chopping all the branches and the central leader. Others now say its best not to cut off the terminal buds because they produce a growth hormone that helps the tree establish itself. I can't say who is right or wrong. However I have found that the bareroot trees I have pruned that come with branches take a good while longer to leaf out. They take longer than the bareroot trees that came with branches that I do not prune. They also take longer to leaf out than the bareroot trees that come with all their branches cut off.

Nothing scientific about it, just my personal observation you can so take it or leave it. However after this season I personally will not do any pruning the first season on bareroot trees. My one exception will be summer pruning after they have already leafed out.

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