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Juelzy(PEI)October 9, 2004

Hi everyone...

If, anyone has any suggestions about which Herbs i should plant indoors this winter, please let me know..I need to know which herbs will grow best in my kitchen...I will, be using herbs for everything..!!!

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)


Since I live where it is so warm all year round, I don't worry with growing herbs in the house. I sometimes have to put a few of my herbs in my greenhouse, but most can just be grown outdoors.

However, I found the following web site to be very information about the subject, both growing conditions and suggested culinary herbs: Growing Culinary Herbs Indoors.

I hope this helps. Good luck.

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i grow chives, sage and basil indoors. parsley can be grown also and thyme all with good light.

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