Will my raspberry bushes stay in my raised bed?

ryank817March 10, 2013

I've been planning to put a few of these 2-3 foot compact raspberry bushes that Brazelberries grows into a raised bed. However, I've been reading a lot lately about people's raspberries burrowing under their raised beds and popping up in the yard all around the bed. For my bed, which is on a slight slope, I dug down 2-6 inches in our horrible clay soil, then placed a 12" tall 2'x7' bottomless frame down in it, so the raspberry plants will be planted in approximately 10-12 inches of high-quality soil with concrete-hard clay soil underneath. Do you guys think this would be enough to contain the spread? I hear that bush red raspberries have pretty shallow roots, but then I hear stories of them taking over yards. My bed is lined with pro-strength landscape fabric, but I hear raspberries tear right through it.

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The raspberries will escape the raised bed, eventually. But it's not that hard to mow down the volunteers that pop up in the lawn.

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