Astonished At Grape Growth

Edymnion(7a)March 28, 2012

Last year I planted a venus seedless grape vine I bought from a nursery. It grew a little slower than I expected, but it grew steadily and I started training it up where I wanted it to go, normal stuff really. The longest arm grew somewhere around 3-4 feet in length while the other side did less well (had a natural Y shape when I bought it, and I planted it in the middle of a section of split rail fencing).

It must have grown roots like crazy over the mild winter is all I can say. Its been "awake" for a couple weeks now, maybe a month, and dang. One section has already grown at least a foot of new growth, with at least an inch or two added just about everywhere else. Some of the new growth is even already thicker in diameter than the old woody growth its coming out of, which looks a little odd in spots, but whatever.

Very happy about all that, as I built that fence just for it to climb on, and it looks like this year its going to take it over. I'm even seeing what look like the beginnings of some grape clusters.

Patience does pay off in the end. =)

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bart1(6/7 Northern VA)

Do you know about pruning your vines? You have to remove something like 90-95% of the previous years growth during the winter to keep them productive and manageable. 95%!!!!

I wouldn't worry about now it since your grapes are so young, but if you're not aware, read up on the subject.

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Oh, I know about pruning, but right now I'm still letting it grow out to where pruning is an option.

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If grapes amaze you, never buy kiwis or hardy kiwis. 15ft/yr is normal.

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Oh, I live in the land of kudzu, that stuff can literally grow a foot in a DAY. Its just that I formed my point of reference for how fast this thing should grow based on last year's growth when it had just come out of a pot. Compared to that, this is gangbuster.

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