High Chill Apples in Houston

kingwood(9)March 30, 2012

My apples are still doing great in Houston. Liberty, Wickson, Pristine, Jonalicious, Sundowner and Hawkeye are still fruiting despite the published high chill requirements. The only one I am having problems with is Goldrush. It has flowered once and I only had a few days overlap with my other varieties. I purchased the wickson to pollinate the goldrush, but the goldrush has not bloomed since purchase of the wickson. I am going to give goldrush a little more time before I pull it because it is supposed to be so good.

My favorites of the varieties that I am growing are Liberty, Jonalicious, and Hawkeye. They are exceptional here. I have yet to taste a ripe Jonalicious. I eat them while still green....they are that good. Maybe this year they may make it till ripe. All varieties are on dwarfing rootstocks. Either bud 9 or the Cummins G rootstocks.

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Randy31513(Georgia 8b)

I have a stubborn Golden delicious that has not come around yet either but this warm winter did not give it much of a chance. I do have a Jonagold that came on line this year with a lot of blooms.

You don't have summer apples like Anna? Anna apples are in my top 5. The usual Golden Dorsett pollinator, not so much. I think you have to time picking them down to minute to get a good one. One day its green the next day its mushy.

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For SoCal this guy has a website of high chill apples that do well in SoCal.


I am going to graft some high chill varieties to a few of my low chill apples.

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redrac(9 NW Houston)

rasputinj You might want to check the kuffel creek website again. He says that grafting hi chill apples onto lower chill will not work because which ever variety that blooms first takes up the energy from the tree and hi chill only work on their own tree.

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