Home Depot peach/plum trees

wardog25March 24, 2012

I noticed today that Home Depot has peach and plum trees for $20. The trees are 4-5 feet tall. Does that sound too tall for a 3 gallon pot? Is it possible they are rootbound?

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Randy31513(Georgia 8b)

In the South, you would normally cut the tree off 30" above the soil level after planting anyway. Good to your county extension web pages and see what they recommend Those should be fine but beware that mismarked trees is common in the box stores. Unfortunately I can testify to that.

Look at several of the same variety at the store and compare the look of the trunk and leaves if they have any.

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Well if they are from last year they are probably root bound. More likely they just potted up their bare roots that didn't sell this year or ordered potted fruit trees to sell. Always best to check the nursery tag on the container/plant and not the Home Depot tag that is put on by store staff. As mentioned above, just cut it down when you plant it.

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blazeaglory(10 SZ22/24 OC Ca)

I have never known HD to pot there bare root trees. Every HD I have been to has always discounted their bare root trees and sold all of them or sent the few remaining back to the grower for a discount. I doubt the employees would even know how to pot a fruit tree correctly anyways...wink wink

But to address the original post. 4'to 5' is the limit I would want for such a small pot. Just make sure the trees are labeled correctly and give the roots a good checking out when you get home. They should be fine. When buying from HD I always research what I want first then make sure what Im buying is correct. I got lucky this year and got a nice 6' bare root 3 in 1 Santa Rosa, Satsuma and Italian plum tree for half off. It was less than $12.

It seems a bit late for those fruit trees so make sure they are good to go. I would tell them that it is too late in the season and ask for a discount:)

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I've seen them pot up here in San Jose, at my local HD. I've actually seen them pot up citrus to a larger size as well....and charge more because it's now in a bigger pot.

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bejay9_10(zone 9/10)

I prefer to go early in the season as soon as possible, and pick healthy-looking bare root trees. Would be suspicious of any that were already potted.


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thanks for the info, everyone. Considering what nurseries charge around here, I might take the risk on the peach. There are quite a few, so I'll have my pick.

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blazeaglory(10 SZ22/24 OC Ca)

Go for it. I got a nice red baron in a pot from Lowes and it is my best peach tree so far:)

Just check the roots and give it a good fungus spray when the buds color.

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I suggest you do some Recon first....
Wander around with a pad and pencil.. Write down the variety names, then come back home and search for reviews and suggestions....

Some will likely be great performers - others duds... For example - bought got a "Sugar Queen" peach - it was one of the "Super Sweet" varieties... I thought.. Gosh - this will likely be a real high brix variety and I will love it...

Nope - it's an "Average" brix Sub-acid peach... Literally, the flavor is just plain "Sweet" with no acid or peachy-ness until the fruit is falling off the tree.. Think a Supermarket Red Delicious apple (bleah)... I don't classify A 16 brix peach as "Super Sweet" either... a 20-24 brix peach will knock your socks off... and it's not one of those.. This is going to be it's make it or break it year.... and I expect to be grafting or digging it up...


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