Concord seedless grapes for mom

lavender_lass(4b)March 18, 2010

Mom's in zone 5, eastern WA and wants to grow some seedless concord grapes. I've heard they're not as hardy as regular concords, but they are listed as zone 5. Does anyone grow these? Any advice on planting or trellising?

She only wants a couple of plants and is thinking of letting them grow on the same type of plastic pvc pipe/trellis creations she's making for her roses. They're actually pretty sturdy, since the pvc pipe is placed over rebar. She doesn't need a lot of grapes (more of a fun thing for grandkids) so detailed pruning advice is not necessary :)

Also, do they really taste like concord grapes?

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Yes, they do taste the same, but the grapes are VERY small. There are some better, newer seedless purple American grapes with similar flavor and larger fruit.

I think Mars would be the best variety of these new seedless. Said to taste very similar to Concord. Mine hasn't fruited yet, but hopefully this year, its 3rd year in the ground. Rated hardy for Zone 5.

But, at any rate, to answer your original question, Seedless Concord should be fully hardy in Zone 5.

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Please do not plant, or authorize the planting of seedless concord grapes. They will produce next to nothing. I had one for nearly ten years and also grow regular seeded concord, which has some black rot problems but at least sets lots of grapes.

If you want the concord flavor for uses like jellymaking, plant a regular concord, since the presence of seeds makes little to no difference for jelly. If you want a good blue seedless grape for eating out of hand, plant something like Jupiter.

Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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Check out this website for varieties. You could try Mars or Venus.

There are certainly better grapes than Concord seedless.
Up in BC we grow Coronation seedless its quite a nice table grape. That's not to far from WA.


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My mother actually planted my Seedless Concord in the 1960's. It has an abundant amount of clusters, the issue is just that the berries are so small, they really don't amount to much in terms of yield.

The flavor is excellent, of course.

But yes, you could probably do better with a newer seedless.

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I grow seedless concords as well as regular concords, The old fashioned concords make the best jelly but for anything else I prefer the seedless ones. Yes they are smaller but mine are very prolific We freeze sev. gallons by freezing on a cookie sheet and then pouring into ziplock bags. They make a great pie, are wonderful out of the bag on cereal, icecream and in fruit salads. many time when I want a snack I get a bowlful and eat them straight. They are my favorite graPE

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Do NOT plant Concord Seedless grapes. This is one sorry variety. The worst out of about 25 that I've tried. Venus has that Concord flavor you want, is excellent all around, but a little slow to bear initially. Jupiter is even better than Venus, with a more appealing flavor, but not Concord like.

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Imred- Good to see that someone likes Concord seedless LOL.

Mom has her heart set on them, so we found a couple of plants at Lowe's yesterday, and she's very happy! She already has a couple of concord grapes we got at Lowe's last fall. Any problem with growing them on the same trellis area? They're just on some heavy trellis attached to the deck and from there, they can run up to the railing and around. Mom just wants a few grapes to eat, but doesn't do a lot of canning, preserving, etc. Freezing the grapes and adding them later on cereal and ice cream sounds like something she might like to try...thanks for the suggestion!

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