Guava tree problem

funkysmellaMarch 25, 2013

I've been having trouble with my guava tree te last two years. The guava production has been lower than in past and the leaves are a bit ragged and discolored on the lower branches. On the other hand tere has been significant branch growth. Nothing has changed with the watering schedule so I'm a bit perplexed. Anyone have any insight on this?

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My dad grew Guava back in Egypt. I know Guava likes very hot weather and lots of sun. Also Guava thrives in sandy soil.
I tried to grow Guava here in zone 7 to keep the tradition but my cold weather killed it.
The rain in Egypt is close to none but my Dad used water from the river Nile to water his Guava field once a week and in August when the temp hits over 100 he watered three times a week may be your tree needs more watering.

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Thank you
I've been watering twice as often and it seems to be working. I'm not really sure why it needs more water now than in years past but maybe it's gotten hotter lately.

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Just curious, what's your zone and which part of the country you live in?

Guava grows well in hot, humid tropical countries, too. I've seen guava grow with little to no care in a lot of backyards. But again, the climate suits its growing condition.

I don't know if your issue is about water, soil, lack of or too much fertilizer. You'll probably be better off posting your question on the Tropical Fruit forum. Good luck.

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I'm in zone 10. Southern California. I'm mostly confused since the same care I had been having success with isn't working. The increase in water has helped but the bottom branches are still full of ragged sparse leaf growth while the upper branches have lots of full leaves an new branch growth.
It is also a few months past when it has been fruiting with nothing this year. I assume that is a product of the stress.
Always confusing when what has worked for years is no longer working

Also the peach trees, plum tree, loquat trees and persimmons in the yard are not suffering so while I can't rule it out I do not think the soil is a problem.

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goyo626 S.Cal.8b/SZ20

I have 5 guava of various ages(1-20yr). A couple of my trees tend to bear fruit heavy one year and set poorly the next. Also, I've noticed that they respond well to a heavy prune. One of my trees was 13-16 ft I tried experimenting with taking it down to about 7-8ft. I messed up my pruning it in late april so it set very little fruit but this year it will flower heavily.

Do you prune your tree? It may need some rejuvination cuts. Are the branches that are not vigorous older branches. One of my usually heavy bearers(a large tree which has not really been pruned in BYOC style) does not look like it will flower this year and it looks to me as if some of the fruiting wood is too old and probably need to be pruned.

When you said watering 2x as often what exactly is the schedule? Has it been really hot in your area? I have noticed my trees grow quickly at the beginning of spring then slow down alot when temperatures get hot. I water my youngest tree maybe 1 a wk and 2/wk if its really hot. My more mature trees get watered 1/2-3wk or 1/wk when its hot during growing season.

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