Skin bumpscars as a resulf scratching

barneybellaOctober 5, 2006

I recently went through, and have always gone through, a really high intensity period of itching. I would itch in my sleep and wake up with scratch marks and sometimes bleeding, etc. Becuase of this I developed rashes, and now have a multitude of scars, that are raised bumps all over my legs. Is there something that I can use to get rid of the scars. They are dark, slightly smaller than dime, shaped scars.

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What other symptoms have you noticed? If just itch, maybe bedbugs or other critters. Scabies if under skin lines. See a doctor, get a diagnosis. If other symptoms, like gut pain,visual problems,concentration problems, see little white and dark specks, you need to contact the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta. There is a new infectious disease caused by nematodes that is highly contagious. There are no proper lab tests for it and there is no cure as of yet. The nematodes are bio-control for crops and golf courses to get rid of a variety of insects. Now they have started to adapt to us. Get it looked at!

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well - finding out what causes your itching will protect you from creating new sores -

but cocoa butter, patience, and weekly papaya masks (papaya contains the raw ingredient in most of those 'fruit acid' preparations)

as in mash a bug enough chunk of papaya to cover the area, add a tablespoon of raw, live organic plain yogurt, and smear on skin, leave for up to 15 mintues, rinse off, exfoliate with a salt or sugar scrub the next day...

is the best you're going to get next to dermatology, which will basically do the same thing with more concentrated chemicals, eh?

vitamin E works for some people, causes increased scarring in others - but give it a try, it might even help the itching that caused the scarring.

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