salixalbaOctober 9, 2006

I am looking for a way to control seizures with herbs. modern medicine is not working. Brain surgery has been suggested by my neurologist. I do not want to do this. I have found some herbs on the website for seizures but no instructions on dosages, or combinations of herbs.

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There is nothing safe in herbal medicine that can control epilepsy because the dosages of the truly effective herbs are trial and error. Error can KILL YOU with these herbs!

Surgery is a last resort, but if drugs aren't working, I'd go with surgery.

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While there are many herbs which help to control epilepsy, such remedies are not intended for use in severe cases. If your condition is not responding to conventional medication, then it's unlikely it will respond to herbal medication either. Especially since, as Lazygardens pointed out, it's hit and miss with the dosages.

Your doctor has recommended surgery, and I think you are left with just two options: have the surgery and give yourself a very good chance of improvement in your condition and your life; or not have the surgery, and continue as you are, with a very good chance of getting worse. I know which way I'd go!

Meantime, include plenty of passionfruit in your diet!

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Get a second opinion! I know nothing about epilepsy, but it seems sensible to get a second opinion on such a big opinion like that.

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darlene87(z7 Wa)

Have you ever been tested for Celiac disease, which is allergy to grains? One of the affects of uncontrolled side affects of celiac, is seizures. My sis has them from celiac, but refuses to give up her bread, etc. You can go to celiac.com and get a lot of info on it. I have epilepsy myself, but one drug controlls my seizures. I also have celiac, so that helps. You could also type in google, seizures and food allergy and get more reading there.
I hope that this helps.

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If she has been diagnosed with epilepsy, then she's had EEG exams and they are extremely accurate in such diagnoses. I don't know about celiac, but I'm sure White Lilac's seizures are on a neurological basis, and not an incidental result of a food allergy - but in any case you still seem to need traditional treatment. As part of my work years ago, I sat in the O.R. taking notes while surgeons operated on epileptic patients 'mapping' the areas of their brains that were causing the problems, and it was just fascinating to see how well they could pinpoint the trouble, and how quickly and easily the seizures were eliminated (not always 100%, but the great majority of them)!

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