help with geographic tongue

sissy_4(6b)October 21, 2004

I have read the other posting about geographic tongue, but I have some specific questions that I am hoping people with this problem can answer.

I know medical literature states that it is a condition that causes few if any side effects. However, I also read where some people have some discomfort with it. My infant daughter seems to have this condition, and since she can't talk to me I need others to tell me their experience.

1) Do you loose any feeling, or have unusual feeling in the tongue?

2) Does it hurt only with certain foods or texture, all the time, only when it is broken out?

3) Does it affect the taste?

My daughter nurses great, but is not wanting to eat anything else except some occassional fruit. I need to know if she is being picky, or is it her tongue bothering her. Also, she is constantly twisting, biting, and sucking on it. She doesn't cry if I touch it, but she doesn't want me to touch her tongue at all. All of this has shown up in the last two months (about the time we noticed the funny marks on her tongue.)

Thanks for any input you can give me.

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TJMcMahon(z6 VA)

Dear Sissy:

Usually the bald patches don't hurt unless they are really raw looking. But they do affect your sense of taste. Obviously if your taste buds are missing you won't be able to taste things there.

I have found that Geographic Tongue is generally nutritional in nature so if it is occuring in an infant you probably want to be sure to look at that because it can slow their development.

Did you know that most (prehaps as high as 90%)of pregnant women in the US are deficient in folic acid? Which can cause GT.

Geographic tongue is a tricky thing and doctors don't show much interest in finding a solution. Hope this helps.

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panchodog(z7 NC)

have you had her checked for thrush? that's much more likely in an infant and can cause patches on the tongue, too. here's a site that has lots of info on nursing and thrush, too...


Here is a link that might be useful:

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multivitamins worked for me!

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