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inkofthebroken(cntrl Tx - 8)October 3, 2004

So... I was looking through a post about distillation of essential oils, and I could almost swear there's an easier way of getting essential oils. On many of the sites I've ever visited concerning herbalism, they've had methods where you pack a jar with herb and fill it with a type of carrier oil and leave it to sit, then strain. Has anyone tried this? Does anyone have any comments about different ways to get essential oils out of fresh plants? I'm still playing with different methods. I tried to make an oil from catnip at the results were not pleasant at all. It smelled terrible. *shudders*

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That is an infusion, not truly getting the pure essential oils, which do have to be distilled or frozen from the oils....I have given up... because to distill a little oil, you need LOADS of herbs... not really worth it for a small timer like myself.

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There have been quite a few posts on this subject. I found 2 threads of particular use to you, but if you search using the facility at the bottom of the main page, you might find more.

Here is a link that might be useful: essential oils

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