Parasite in the ribcage

bungalow_mikee(z10 CA)November 7, 2003

I've had so many pests and animals..

All of them except for deer and voles.

Now, I have an internal pest that I believe is from working in the garden. I started to have pain near the nipples last Thursday. It migrated an inch down the ribcage a day later.

I woke up tonight, and the pain was stronger than usual as I stretched the rib cage. I felt a hard, narrow, one inch bump on the edge of my rib cage. After massaging for 20 seconds the bump and pain disappeared. Now the pain is in my lower rib cage! I've stuck my chest out and stretched my skin and there is a line. I put tea tree oil on it and it seemed to move downward. I believe it was curled up when I first felt the hard bump.

I did an internet search and all I found was information about intestinal parasites. Can someone tell me what kind of parasite I might have so I can proceed with a method of eradication????

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This doesn't sound like any sort of parasitic infection based on your description. In addition to the unlikelihood of running across a soft tissue parasite in your locale, it wouldn't complete vanish on massage and reappear somewhere else.

It would be best to get a reliable diagnosis and only then decide if some type of herbal therapy is appropriate.

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Sounds like some kind of hernia.....I would get a doc's opinion on that one.

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bungalow_mikee(z10 CA)


NO, it's not a hernia. It is in the rib cage.
The pain was in a small area by the nipples a week ago.
The pain increased in intensity and moved down about and inch a few days later.

NO pain anywhere near or anywhere by the nipples.
The lumped and pain HAS MOVED!
Last night it was near the 5th rib and moved torwards the sternum, and today, it is in the lower ribs.
There is a verticle line about 3 inches, probably longer,
Last night, it felt as thick as a piece of lead in a number two pencil! Today, "The THING" seems to be more stretched out. But it has moved to 4 different times since I woke up last night.

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Wow that is really strange! Take a look at the Sponser's on the right of this posting, there are several that specialize in this. Probably should get a stool sample to swhat it is.

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bushpoet(z6 Bronx NY)

Dude! That sounds really freaky. I would get it checked out *pronto*. Wouldn't want anything crawling around near my vital organs! Have you been out of the country recently? Whoa. I have heard of botflies that lay eggs under the skin that then hatch & wreak havoc but they're usually found along the Amazon River & such.

I'd say get it looked at by a professional. Yikes! I don't know if the standard parasite potions (tincture of black walnut hulls, cloves, wormwood, etc.) would be effective or appropriate in this case.

Keep us posted, please.

Good luck,

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bungalow_mikee(z10 CA)

I did research all night and have looked at many messages
talking about black walnut hull, cloves, and wormwood and different products containing these. I've read that they do kill non-intestinal parasites, but I may have to suppliment with Co-Q10. Q-10 works down to the bone marrow from what I've read.

Meawhile I've eaten 2 whole heads of garlic, lots of tea with cayenne pepper, and lemon.

I have read horror stories... most of them are from traveling.
But the people who used to own this house had a dog that pooped everywhere in the backyard. I have a indoor cat that used to have fleas. I can't pinpoint the culprit.
I'm doing research on my own right now as I've read much doctors are ignorant to parasitic infections. I'm going to get some herbs today and try to find a number for an herb doctor recommended by a Yoga instructor 7 months ago for a persistent rash.

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bungalow_mikee(z10 CA)

I need to clarify.

The infection is not actually within the rib cage, but on top of it, underneath the skin.

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bushpoet(z6 Bronx NY)

hey guy, coQ10 & garlic are great for the body (be sure to take the coQ10 w/a little bit of fat so it can be absorbed). But go see a professional, if only for her/his opinion. I'll repeat what I said to kritter on another post:

"Here's something else to consider: If I feel like a health condition is beyond what I can handle w/self-care, one useful strategy is to go see a conventional doctor & make it clear in a firm but pleasant way that I just want them to eyeball the problem or do some basic diagnostics and discuss possible treatment approaches. Western medicine is really useful for that kind of thing! Then if it's not an emergency, you can make an appointment to come back in a day or two, and go home and think about what feels right for you - no pressure. Any decent doctor will respect that. Best case scenario: they might say, It's healing, keep doing what you're doing. Or they might offer to relieve some pain & pressure by maybe trying to drain the pooled blood from the area.

Hopefully you have health insurance. *sigh*"

Sorry if I sound pushy; really just trying to be helpful here.


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I doesn't necessarily sound like a hernia, but you can getthem in different places......
I would go to the doctor. I wouldn't think that it is a parasite, most parasites in the US arent' like that....
What is wrong! Get thee to a doctor! sheez!

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Just go and get a stool sample! Find out what the hell it is and then treat it! Whatever way you think is best taking into consideraqtion al of the advice of this forum and others! But do get it specified with a stoll or blood sample, otherwise nothing we can do can help you. Let us know!

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There are farm animal parasites that lay eggs low on the legs, and the larvae burrow in, migrate upward, pupate, mature, and bore a hole in the skin to exit and fly away to start the cycle over. Bot Flies in horses, and "Warbles" in cattle. Control in livestock is pretty easy with ivermectin products. I've never heard of a person contracting them, you'd need professional advice about that. In the meantime, I have to concur with the above posters, and say that if you have unusual symptoms from an unrecognized source, treating the symptoms can get you into more trouble if you don't know about the root cause. Kind of like using slippery elm lozenges for a cough caused by TB, ya know? Has it occurred to you that there's a slim possibility that you have a bubble, and if it migrates to your heart, you're a gonner?

You've certainly got us interested to know what it could possibly be! Let us know.

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Mikeee -
You need to see a DOCTOR! Nothing you can EAT will take care of whatever it is - what you are taking is barely effective against intestinal parasites, let alone one under your skin.

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This is beginning to sound like kritter and her hematoma - assistance requested to treat a condition that has not been properly diagnosed, and consumption of remedies that are unlikely to take care of the problem.

Research on the web can be confusing, as there are some very bizarre ideas about parasites in parts of the alt med world, and what's supposed to cure them.

One "naturopathic doctor" suggests "zapping" parasites with a magnetic or electrical device. He also offers a list of suggestions for parasite prevention - a few of which make sense, others of which are off the wall, including these two suggestions:
"Clean your carpets often and donÂt let dust accumulate."

Avoid refined sugar products and soft drinks. Worms and other parasites love sugar and sweets.

This guy also seems to have a dread fear of pets, saying you should wash immediately if your pet happens to lick you.

Apparently I (after enduring countless canine licks over the years) have been saved from the horrors of parasitic infection by drinking sugar-free beverages. ;)

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Eric, don't be nasty! maybe "zapping" the parasites may work. I wish this person would tell us if he went to get a test for the specific parasite or not then we could help him. Plus don't be mean to kiteren she is doing better apparently, no thanks to the drugs which mde her sick. Chill!

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Nothing "mean" or "nasty" there at all - just the point that to treat a problem, you need to know what's causing it. I don't understand your hostility.

And no, "zapping" an internal parasite by means of a magnetic or electrical device applied to the skin does not work.

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Ok maybe I overreacted, I am sorry but I felt bad for kitteren it seemed that you were criticizing her unduly. Actually the remedies she was taking were working but I agree she should have gone to the Dr. sooner to see if anything was broken.

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It sounds like a fungus infection that comes from working in soil that has been contaminated by cat or dog feces. I can see that perhaps you managed to smear some dirt on your chest and got the fungus on your skin.

It is sometimes called "Cat and Dog Hookworm" even though it is NOT a worm. It just looks like one under the skin and it does spread like a worm. It itches so much that the itch is actually painful.

IF, and I emphasise IF, this is what it is....the treatment is to freeze it out with a freezing spray. I forget the name. You need to have a dermatologist do it. It is NOT a DIY thing as the spray can do a lot of damage.

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shizuo(z10 florida)

hookworms ARE worms. i would definetly see a doctor unless i liked the idea of having a worm inside of me sucking my blood.

heres a nice site i found after a little searching.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hookworms - How to rid them from the human body.

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shizuo(z10 florida)

just noticed that site i linked is trying to sell some overpriced capsules for $70. they probably don't work and don't even list the ingredients. the information on that page is good though.

if you go to the doctor they might give you some mebendazole or some topical cream if it turns out to be hookworm.

have you noticed any animals relieving themselves in your garden?

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Re hookworm, the risk of catching this is very low in the U.S., and any infestation would be a) most probably in the southeast part of the country, and b) due to going barefoot.

There are meds that cure the infestation when taken for short periods (1-3 days) with few side effects - prescribed only after a definite diagnosis (for instance via a stool sample).

As for, their site contains the following paragraph (in small print at the bottom of the page):

"The statements contained on this website have not been reviewed or approved by the Food and Drug Administration for their validity. Nothing contained on this site is meant to infer or state that the products are for the treatment of any disease or ailment. Always consult with your physician if you experience any medical problems."

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Can you tell me what co Q10

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Here is a documented case of 'dog' hookworms infecting people in a pheniox times article. I thought this may be of some use as they seem to say it is rare, but does occur which complicates diagnosis. And it starts with a skin rash as you stated you had before noticing any thing else. I personally would print this out and run as fast as i could to a Dr!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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You've got some thing crawling around in your body and your clearly freaking out and your not going to the emergency room????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quit searcing the friggen internet and get it removed!. it will be quicker and a whole heck of a lot more certain.

Herbal remedies and alternative medicine is wonderful but so is penicillin, scalpels and the knowledge of a capable person.

ok now that i've got the heebie jeebies as well as being completely befuddled and surprised.

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well, I can understand, because I have the same thing right now! All the usual medical labs and stool specs are normal, abdominal ultrasound is normal, but.... I can feel this...whatever, and when I press on moves. Did you ever find out what is wrong?
my doctor wants to see me again for follow up, I have not told her about this sensation, she would think I am crazy! but I am not!!!!I can feel it!! it started out with a vague feeling of pressure behind my right rib cage.

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From the article I read when I scanned this it would seem
that you do indeed have hookworms. I am currently at a
library computer but can get back with you in a day or two
on it. The Indians had several herbs they used for parasite
infections and I don't remember off the top of my head what
the one for hookworms was. I will get back as soon as I can
with you because it looks like you may have trouble getting
a doctor that knows anything or that will help.

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flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)

I don't know what it is but if you can see a worm crawling under your skin...... go to the doctor..... :) You may be beyond our helpful advice by now...... :o :)

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check this out:
Unidentified Skin Parasites

Yes, this is a real physical condition. I had this infection several years ago and beat it. It was an agonizing experience, and if you can encourage more scientific, objective research into this condition through your program, you will be doing a very good thing for all sufferers past and present.
My infection set in after an encounter with lice in a hotel room while traveling. The lice were eradicated within one day but the resulting infection remained. After a few months of seeing several doctors and dermatologists, I pursued help through a nutritionist. My main symptom was sharp biting pains all over my body. I also generated the black specks from my skin. I did not experience any itching. The sharp biting pains were extremely severe and occurred 24 hours a day ... continue reading
Unidentified Skin Parasites Forum

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Okay.......I'm dying of curiousity here.....what's happened since your last post, Mike? I hope you've gotten it under control by now!

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Vera_EWASH(z5 EasternWA)


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I hope you are feeling better too!

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andreap(z7 NC)

I wonder what happened too. I have something not in the ribcage but in my upper thigh; looked like a mosquito bite at first and itched like crazy, but today I noticed that there was a red slightly swollen line beginning from a mosquito bite-like mark and extending in a half circle around an original something like a splinter. I applied rubbing alchohol and pulled out the splinter thing, but the line seems to be extending into a circle; it may have been two bites, but the thing I pulled out was not red and swollen. In other words, it looks like there must be something under the skin. The rubbing alchohol seems to have helped for the time being, but does anyone know what this could be? Thanks!

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not sure andrea and frankly i'm not qualified nor is anyone else i think on this forum. If you worried that it might be something bad go to a doctor. If they ho humm you hit them over the head with their ethics:)

oh i should stop looking at this particular thread. got the heebee jeebies again. ewwwwwwwwww

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Andrea, is it lyme disease? kinda sounds like it... I'd get it checked out.

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andreap(z7 NC)

Whatever I had, it faded and disappeared after I applied the rubbing alcholol; I'm pretty sure it was a mosquito bite, because I keep getting more, and mosquitoes are everywhere in my yard. The bites often seem to spread / extend the more I scratch them (until I apply alchohol), so maybe not something under the skin except the poison spreading?. Anyway I just heard that garlic deters mosquitoes-- wish I liked to eat lots of garlic! But maybe I'll try making a paste and rubbing on my skin when I garden. Anyone else ever try this?

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YOu could try growing lemon grass. It may be perenial or eat lemon grass.

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panchodog(z7 NC)

andrea, you're in NC, too? chiggers would be my bet for what you had. google "chiggers" and you'll find more info than you ever wanted to know.

i have no idea on the original poster, but would love to read a follw up.

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i cant believe noone has come to the realization that this is Jerry Seinfeld posting these messages. If you read 'Letters from a Nut' and its two sequels, you will see the similarites.

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It sounds like you might have a worm or something like that. I hope you can find out what is wrong. Please post and let us know.

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I saw a program about human parasites. The Botfly larvae live under the skin and move around. The guy had to have it cut out. Ouch! I think I would, too! :)

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If you think it is a parasite, see a doctor.

Another possibility - myofascial problems. The myofascia is the the sheath around muscles. It can get inflamed, causing the muscle to swell and form painful knots. This type of problem generally responds well to massage therapy.

The muscles over the rib cage are pretty complex, and they can glitch up and cause a variety of pains. I get myofascial problems there - initially thought it was heart disease, tests ruled that out. Whenever I do certain weight lifting routines, that pain comes back.

Once a trigger point develops, chances are good that others will appear nearby... when one muscle knots and develops problems, others nearby over-exert themselves to take up the load or to keep that muscle from experiencing so much pain. But if you understand the ideas behind trigger points, study the anatomy a bit, and listen to your body, massage can lead to a big improvement.

IF it is myofascial (and that's a big IF - it could be many other things), check out trigger point therapy or neuromuscular therapy. One book I like is called The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook. It has helped me with a few types of muscular problems - it is mostly a do it yourself therapy, very cost effective for certain conditions, useless for others.

Here is a link that might be useful: Trigger Point Therapy Book

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