ladys bedstraw won't flower

ms_minnamouse(7a)November 14, 2006

I got my mature sized plants in a trade and that was two years ago. They still haven't flowered! I have it in full sun so it won't focus on vegatative growth.

And does it only scent when it's in flower?

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I have never noticed any scent really. It's a WEED here... and I'd be so HAPPY if it wouldn't flower... it makes burrs that are hard to get out of my cat's fur. I maybe wrong, but I thought the scent came from the herb when dried and then crushed?
Maybe you are watering it too much. It can survive in dry Sacramento without any water at all during the summer. And frequently, lack of flowering is from overwatering. UNFORTUNATELY! It's very hard for me to think of a plant as an herb when it's SUCH A HUGE PAIN IN THE HEINIE. :o)

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But I haven't watered it at all during the summer. I left it to fend for it's self.

Which bedstaw are you talking about? Not the odora, right?

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okay... I googled bedstraw weed in Sacramento.... got varying galium's but not odora, so you seem to be right on that one! :o) Hmmmm... I googled it, and galium odora is sweet woodruff... hence my mistake. HOKAY...that's a different matter! I couldn't get my woodruff to bloom either. I thought it was because I didn't give mine enough sun, and sweet woodruff needs a LOT of water... or a lot of water here in Sacramento... and this site says yes, the scent comes with wilting and drying...

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Well, there's my answer. I need to move it to moist shade. But it was doing so incredibly well in the sun, it was so green and happy looking. Weird how it didn't burn.

Just to be sure I understand, the scent doesn't come from when it flowers, but from the plant itself, when it wilts and dries?

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okay... I reread that particular site... it is scented when flowering, I guess, but it INCREASES when wilted and dried... I don't have my woodruff anymore so I can't go out and do an experiment to see if it is scented without flowers.
Can you move it to Partial shade? I am thinking that in your zone, unlike mine, it can tolerate more sun. I think that I didn't get flowers due to how dry it is here and I didn't water it enough and it didn't get enough sun... even though later on, I planted hydrophyllic plants with it, but they would have blocked more sun.

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