have cfs & ibs...new to herbal remedies

East_Texas_Melody(Z8 East Texas)November 3, 2007

I am just starting to get involved with trying to find herbal remedies for myself. I have Fibromyalgia which affects me mainly by CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). For IBS IÂve recently started using crushed flax seed, itÂs wonderful! I also have weight I need to loose; I know that would make me feel better. I have been watching what I eat and trying to just live a healthier life. Is there any herb that would help me with CFS, I feel like IÂm almost asking too much by having something that works as well as crushed flax seed but I feel sure there must be something out there. I also wonder if there is some herb to boost my metabolism. I donÂt exercise because when I get home from work itÂs all I can do to complete the absolute necessary much less go for a long walk. Also IÂd like to know what kind of loose leaf green tea is high in antioxidants and where I could buy it. I know this is a lot to ask but for years IÂve bought all kinds of expensive vitamins making all kinds of promises and all have failed to deliver. A friend that is going to a nutritionist told her about the crushed flax seed. I am so encouraged by that I just know there has to be more. I have looked on the internet at herbal articles and stores but I really donÂt know what to believe or not.

Thanks for what help anyone can provide.


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Okay... well, I will assure you that anything that promises a cure you can view with skepticism... herbs are medicines and should be treated thusly. I like this site as a beginning http://www.fibromyalgiahope.com/fibromyalgia-herbs.html
I don't know about cures, but it offers some ideas.
I would be careful with the CFS. I have chronic fatigue from other multiple health issues and I have found that what helps you go up will also let you down HARD... :( so I don't do anything for that anymore...
BUT I have recently found something that you might be interested in and maybe you can practice for like 15 minutes BEFORE work. It's Tai Chi. And there are 500 methods out there, but it's so mellow that even I could do it. It should help with your metabolism and not ruin your day. It works for me, and I was kind of excited because at the moment, I am under doctors orders not to exercise too heavy, as if I could! :o)

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Hi, I sent you an email through the forum - you apparently have to look for it as I'm not sure it'll go to your private e-add. (this has happened before... very weird!).

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for energy and weight loss: green tea and Eleutherococcus senticosus. play with the doses.

eating healthy: brown rice, veggies, light meat- fish (sardines, etc.)

antioxidants: green tea, yerba mate, goji berry,
drink lots of water- lots

i hope this helps a little

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herbal help for ibs Please

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

A newspaper doctor recommended Peppermint enteric coated, and also some form of Acidophilus which was hard to get, I can't remember the name but I'm trying enteric coated ones just in case getting the bacteria past the stomach works better. Someone also recommended Dr. Christopher Lower Bowel formula and I have had encouraging results with it. I take all 3 at night.

A major factor for me has just been identifying food triggers for IBS. Keeping a journal and maybe starting with just a few foods, find some that cause no problems then add new foods one at a time. I also have a tendency to get into eating a food I like daily and then eventually develope problems with it, while I seem to be able to tolerate it if eaten once a week instead. Some foods I have trouble with-
*tomatoes- cooked
*wheat and other gluten grains- especially whole grain, can tolerate a little white flour once in a while, do OK on oats
*nuts and coconut- I became a vegetarian and ate these heavily, eventually realized they were causing new very bad symptoms when eaten daily.
*flaxseed allergy- can eat some if pre-soaked as this gets rid of enzyme inhibitors present in all seeds and nuts, soaking could also help in eating raw nuts.
*once experimented eliminating raw fruits and salads when visiting and had almost no problems all week until I ate a raw banana. But usually keep eating my fruit and salads, if I take psyllium seed once a day it seems to make up for eating them as in preventing diarrhea.

I've also found that buckwheat has a beneficial effect, and I've even been losing some weight eating it whereas I tended to gain eating other carbohydrates.

Anyway, I've been a lot better, your MMV, experiment, keep notes.

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