Herbs and Spices used the most: seasonal and everyday use.

toastedNovember 6, 2006

I am conducting some research and this is what I am looking for:

-Herb/spice name.

-Frequency of use.

-Frequency of purchase.

-Your geographic location.

Any and all herbs/minerals/vitamins should be listed.

Also, information regarding those that get used less frequently.

All information is for private research.

Your participation is highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,


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I'm going to answer you here instead of the herbs forum,as mostly I'm using medicinal herbs:
Every day-Devil's Club(Oplopanax horridum),Rooibos(African
red tea)powdered stevia leaf,salt,pepper.
Frequently-wild rose hips(in tea),echinacea(in tea),mint(in
Occasionally-cinnamon,oregano,rosemary,chile powder,savory,
Southeast Alaska-Prince Of Wales Island Z6/7

When you live on a rock,build a rock garden.

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I use a lot of herbs and spices for food and for medicinal purposes. I use basil,oregano,thyme,chili peppers,savory,rosemary,pepper,fennel,garlic, and onions in my Italian cooking; Turmeric,cinnamon,garlic,basil,pepper,chili peppers in my middle eastern and Greek cooking; Sesame seeds,pepper, chili peppers,mint,basil,cilantro,garlic,onions,shiso,ginger,horseradish, and seaweed in my asian cooking; Chili peppers,cilantro,onion,garlic,basil,oregano,hibiscus, and cumin in my Mexican cooking. I use different chili peppers and basil for the dishse depending on the flavor I want.
For herbal cures I use a wide range of things depending on my problem. Currently I have an undiagnosed illness that has these symptoms: sores that bleed,fatigue,itch,lumps,crawling sensations,stabbing sensations,sore throat,sore behind,bouts of diarrhea. What seem to do the best for it so far is peppermint oil, lots of it.
I have in the past had bouts of candida; for that I use gentian violet from Wal Mart if I have panties that I don't mind being stained purple; If I don't I use a solution of borax(water plus store borax). For arthritis I use Du huo, a combination of Chinese angelica and notoptygerii herbs; this also works for bursitis and tendonitis. For most general infections I pick Echinacea from the yard and eat it fresh. For tough infections I also use licorice with the Echinacea as well as oregon grape stems I pick from around here(I live in Denver, Colorado), or huang lian; both have the same active properties as goldenseal but are not endangered in the wild. For colds,etc. I use Japanese honeysuckle plus cocklebur fruit combination of herbs. For most sore throats I use pickle juice from dill pickles you buy at any store. I use other herbs as the occaisions arise.

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Hello from central Europe.

I grow my own basil and rosemary, they are indispensable for those mediterranean dishes that i like so much.
For sore throat and cough I prepare my own spruce needle sirup.
And finally I drink ridiculous amounts of Green and Rooibos tea.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rooibos health benefits

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oakleif(z6 AR)

What a great thread and useful. I take valerian root tabs for nerves and sleep aid,Hawthorn berries for blood pressure,ST Johns wort and Rhodioa for depression,B12 and iron for anemia. I quit taking all prescription meds as i could not afford them and am now doing much better.This works for me but maynot for you. I am dieing of congestive heart failure anyway so what do i have to lose?

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A poster commenting above (rooibos) registered with GW last month and immediately began promoting this tea product. His home page (identified in his user profile) does not list who's behind it but is set up as a rooibos promotional site. The health claims made on this and another promotional site to which he's linked are not documented by studies in people (see a recent post in this thread for more info). The site linked to above promotes the tea for use in pregnant women, but I see no references regarding any studies on its safety and usefulness during pregnancy.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

I wonder what a long term study on eric or brendon would do for the advancement of mankind.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

I actually have plans to study a highly scalable way to increase feed conversion in mammalian livestock over the next four months using a probiotic, this will hopefully help relieve some of the stress on pasture lands that has been imposed by an increasingly westernized diet creeping in to India and China, and would be highly scalable and there for very accessible to poor rural farmers.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Just read the thread, why would you derail it like that? Eric just pointed out that a for profit entity did not back up its claims in any sort of independent way.
No reason to get off the subject of herbalism.

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