Stinging Nettle

linda_tx8(8)November 16, 2010

Good stuff, the herbal Stinging Nettle. That's something I purposely grow in my yard. A friend of mine got me some starts of Urtica dioica, then later I grew more from's a nonnative species used for all kinds of things. There's native nettles in Texas, but one of them gives very bad stings! Urtica dioica is less stingy than that one. I put them in a part of my yard that's out of the way, then have a little sign for a warning. I could also put a little fence around it, but there's just the two of us living here and DH seldom goes in the yard...just doesn't seem necessary. As far as sting remedies, Jewelweed doesn't grow here...too hot, I guess...wish it would grow! Anyway, Urtica dioica does fine in shadier areas here as long as I water it from time to time. It really makes a great addition to my teas and really helps me sometimes when I'm not feeling good.

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Stinging nettle is an interesting herb with potential medical uses (therapy for benign prostatic hyperplasia and allergies are among the applications with limited evidence).

However, the link provided in the first post is a poor source of herbal information, on nettle specifically (including the belief that the herb treats virtually any ailment known to man) and on herbs in general, seeing that it depends on testimonials and touts ineffective and even dangerous remedies.

As for the latter, it calls for using lobelia as a treatment for threatened miscarriage. This herb has nasty toxic properties, and herbalists as well as medical practitioners warn against its use.

"Significant toxicity has occurred following use including vomiting, seizures, cardiovascular collapse, and coma. Lobelia may have additive toxicity when combined with nicotine...Patients should be warned not to use this supplement."

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I read in another thread that nettles are very nutritious and good in soup.

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