Is this a winter moth?

DaphneA(9)March 20, 2014

This is my first year gardening (we just bought a house) and I planted a bunch of fruit trees. Only my Honeycrisp Apple was getting eaten this thoroughly (others had a nibble here and there but the leaves on the honeycrisp were super holey). After days of observation, I've finally found a culprit! After googling, I *think* it's a winter moth but I just want to make sure. I didn't kill it.... I just threw it over the fence into the creek...

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geosankie(5a NEPA)

Himella fidelis, Intractable Quaker is my guess.

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There are several different species of moths whose caterpillars are green with several pale longitudinal stripes.

A winter moth is a geometrid and its caterpillar is an inchworm or looper--they move by arching up and forming a loop and then flattening out again. If handled, it would raise up and appear to "look around".

The Quaker moth mentioned above is a noctuid and its caterpillar would just crawl along, not raising up as it travels.

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